Kabir Suman is waiting for Mahashata Devi’s permission

Kolkata, 31st March: On Wednesday evening a meeting was held between the vastly admired Mahasheta Devi and Kabir Suman at Golfgreen flat on the purpose of Kabir Suman’s resignation. But, Suman stands still with his decision. However, he is waiting for Mahasheta Devi’s permission.

According to Suman, “I want to resign but right now I’m waiting because I cannot oppose Mahasheta devi as she is equal to my mother and even more than her. So I cannot disobey her.”

“We have to beat CPM in this upcoming election. But it doesn’t mean I’m a Trinamool supporter. I’m not with Trinamool and not with any political party but with the humanity as being a human. I’ll say to Suman that don’t attack anybody in front of media and don’t get worry about present social condition. I’m sure that you’ll have no complain after this election, because I’m confident TMC will come and they will stop this violence” as said by Mahasheta Devi.

But there is no information about Mamta Banerjee that she might tell to Mahasheta Devi to interfere. Even she wants Suman’s resignation as soon as possible.

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