Anandabazar/ABP is trying hard to hide Mamata Maoist Link (via postie)

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Today I was reading this article on anandabazar patrika. The focus is totally changed. The article has been written in such a way that Mamata got some certificate and she doesn’t have any connection or soft corner for maoist. But what’s the fact? She say there is no maoist in bengal. She doesn’t have any complain against maoist in rajdhani trainjack instead she blames left for trainjack. Her colleague Sisir babu says he knew that there would be trainjack but he didn’t inform that. These are criminal offense.

The point is why abp is publishing such news? Do they have their brain with them? It looks like it’s their marketing effort to hide the link between Mamata and maoist. As you know money is the big factor in marketing. So media house like abp can be purchased if you have money. What do you think?

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