Again killing in nandigram, East Midnapur

People think all the problem with land accuision and that’s the reason people have been fighting for their own land. that’s true that people are emotional about their land but now there is no land accuision but still people are fighting. they are fighting for their power. They just want to rule that area. It’s a fighting between CPM and TMC. Don’t thinl Mr. Laxman seth or Mr Subhendu Adhikari are gentle man they can kill people for their power. And that’s have been happening there. People are loosing their lives just because of these two political parties.

Regarding Ms Mamata, she always talk about shanti and in the next minutes she says if CPM does then we will do.

Next Start Ananda TV Channel. This channel is making money in this election. Either they promote TMC or CPM. They promote both of them. It’s basicaaly who pay them money they talk about them. It’s the hight of journalism.

Next is the creative people in Kolkata. They also support either TMC or CPM. If you notice you can find that these days all creative jobs are outsourced to south. Not director, playback singer, writers all are from South so these creative have enough time to support TMC or CPM.

Some one please save west bengal. Don’t think that other states in India are doing well. You need to save them also.

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