118 CPM party worker killed after Loksabha Election

As per Biman Basu, 118 CPM party worker killed after the Loksabha Election. They werte killed because they support CPM. Though people like to enjoy Durga Puja safely but it’s not safe everywhere in west bengal. Maoist and their hidden supporters have been killing CPM party men even in Durga Puja.

Recently two CPM supporters were killed in Goaltor village in west midnapur. They were unable to pay money to maoist. These maoists have started creating problem from the Nandigram movement. They have been trying to help their friends in west bengal. It’s not very clear to people what these moaist get by killing common and poor people. What’s their goal? They don’t help people live their own life. In India 70% of people earn below Rs.20/- per day. Can Mosist help them? Can you show some good work done by these moaist? India govt has banned them and the common people will start acting against them soon. No terrorist can make their way out. These people are used by some dishonest political parties.

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