Science City of Kolkata

The achievement of 21st century, the marvelous and amazing Science City of Kolkata, situated at the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass is an outstanding science museum in India that endorses knowledge about sciences and up-to-the-minute technologies.
Its desire is to depiction the expansion of Science and Technology with the environment and human well being. It also requires effective science and technology by providing tutorials, demonstrations, speeches and other curriculums.
This marvelous Science City it is surrounded by gorgeous scenery and gardens. It consists of two chief amenities named the Science and Convention Center. The Science Center also includes an Evolution Theme Park, Space Odyssey, Maritime Center, and a Science Park.
The Evolution Theme Park provides knowledge on enormous animals like dinosaurs. The Space Odyssey is a spherical arena shaped hall that looks like an overturned bowl at it is the foremost attraction of the complex. The spherical multi media projection system provides information on planets in the solar or lunar system.
The Convention Center has a remarkable theater that has 2,232 seats. It also contains tutorial building, which have 11 halls with a 15 to 100 seating capacity. There are also many visiting places the lounges, food plaza, underground room and the open field.
Kolkata Science City is for all ages to learn about various scientific things and yet improve their thoughts through the innovation techniques. All over it is a marvelous place for every kind of people all over the world.

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