What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is the most common term to everyone but very few of us know about it properly. This disease attacks maximum number of people of our country. So, let’s discuss what it is and what its basic concept.
The basic knowledge of Diabetes is frequently get out of urine from the body. Diabetes is of types – Diabetes Insipidus and Diabetes Mellitus.
Diabetes Insipidus: In this case, urine frequently gets out from body due to lack of potentiality of kidney, but the distinctive feature is no glucose or sugar can be found in the urine.
Diabetes Mellitus: It is the most harmful type of diabetes. In this case, urine frequently gets out of body as Diabetes Insipidus, but not for the problem related to kidney, due to the overload of carbohydrates, which is absorbed into unnecessary and excess amount of glucose, that flows in the blood and increases the blood sugar level and gets out from the body through urine.
These are the basic types of Diabetes. This disease can harm or damage kidney, cardio vascular system means heart, eyes and many more parts of human body.
So, one thing everyone can clearly understand through this passage that the Diabetes always doesn’t mean the increasing amount of blood sugar.

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