Religious towns around Kolkata

Here you will find some most famous religious towns or pilgrimage areas around Kolkata –
It is the birthplace of Sri Ramakrishna and a small village which is a desired among travelers on a pilgrimage. You will find everywhere the stunning Ramakrishna Temple and if you wish to a flavor of ponds, old-fashioned temples and luxuriant fields, Kamarpukur will be the proper choice.
How to get there: Accessible by road from Calcutta
Antpur, situated in Hooghly district, is famous for its of 18th century temples,built by zamindar Krishnaram Mitra. The temples contain ones devoted to Jaleshwar, Baneshwar, Fuleshwar and Gangadhar. The most important illustrate here is the Radha Govind temple with its enclosed patio and soil panels.
How to get there: Buses are available from Calcutta
Mayapur is the native land or birth place of Lord Chaitanya. Spiritual passion is most important part of the atmosphere of this small town.  It has the devotional custom derived from the Bhagavad Geeta and the Srimad Bhagavatam. The magnificent temple at Mayapur has gorgeous idols of Krishna and Radha, with smaller statues of gopis.
How to get there: Trains are available from Calcutta
On your temple track, must visit the shrines devoted to Ananta Vasudev and Hanseshwari in Bansberia. The Hanseshwari temple ought to have exceptional bring up for the Hanseshwari temple, Bansberia, Kolkataits architecture. It has thirteen extra ordinary lotus bud-shaped minars and its inner grounds go after the design of the human anatomy.
How to get there: Buses and trains are available from Calcutta
Unquestionably the temple city of Bengal, Bishnupur has the most admired temple. The structural design of the temples is so splendor that is touching and spectacular. Bishnupur is also renowned for its spawned the Vishnupur Gharana of music.
How to get there: Take the train from Howrah
It is the high-flying pilgrimage spot in West Bengal. It has the most eminent Shiva temple in the country. The temple established in the 18th century. If you want to feel of the spiritual passion related with this place, then must visit Tarakeshwar during Shivratri.
How to get there: Accessible by road from Calcutta

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