IPL – Zero performance by Kolkata Knight Riders

In IPL, Kolkata Knight Riders have an excellent player list with a great combination of new comers as well as more experienced like Sourav Ganguly, Brad Hodge, Cris Gail, Shane Bond. But even they have a great list of players, they can’t perform well, they can’t bit the oppositions even they have the opportunities.

The captain of KKR Sourav Ganguly cannot perform his own game. It seems that he did not properly connect any shot. In previous match, maximum boundaries came from the third man or fine leg area. The blasting batsman Cris Gail also could not make much great shots as expected from him. It is admired that he played a good innings but it is also accepted that he can perform much more than that.

Last match Mumbai Indians taught KKR how to bat in T20 match. When you have more wickets in hand, you should make run fast. If you wait, even have wicket you will surely lose the match.KKR did the same thing in the last match. So, they have to learn it from the previous match.

This is all about the bats men. Now, let’s discuss something about the bowlers of KKR. Ishant Sharma is playing for the national team for more than two years but even he doesn’t have any ideas about bowling. In the last match, when the master blaster Tendulkar made boundaries from his bowl, he did not provide any verity of bowling. He was doing the same one after the boundaries. He forgot that he was bowling to Tendulkar even in T20 match. Only Murli Kartik bowled properly.

Overall, it can be said that it’s zero performance by Kolkata Knight Riders.

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