Death count is rising up in fire devastated Stephen Court

Kolkata, March 29:

Up to the second, two more bodies were got out from the wreckage of Stephen Court. Two charred bodies were recovered from the fifth floor of the fire devastated building where local public and firemen are working consistently to make the situation under control but the death bodies’ count is rising up day by day.

According to an officer, “The two bodies were found in the early hours. It is not possible to recognize the gender of the bodies. Only a post mortem examination can do it,” He also mentioned the dead bodies have been handed over to the SSKM hospital for identification by the families of the victims.

Numerous bodies have numerous applicants. DNA tests are being started to identify the doubtful bodies which is totally unrecognizable.

The politicians of West Bengal have made it an issue for increasing their popularity. They blamed one another for this accident and showing their sympathy to the victims but didn’t take any urgent step to overcome it.

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