Controversy on Sania, Shoiab and Ayesha

There is an idiom that you may forget the past but it will surely not and that has been happened with the former Pakistan captain Shoiab Malik. Ayesha Siddiqui, has claimed to Shoiab Malik that she was his first wife.

So, now for this controversy, Shoiab and Sania are in a great tension even in this joyful moment. It’s really a great bouncer to this Pakistani cricketer.

Ayesha’s father, Mohammed Ahmed Siddiqui has exposed to take legal action against Shoaib if he does not divorce his daughter. He said in an interview to an Indian news channel,“I want divorce for my daughter. According to Islamic law, my daughter cannot remarry if she doesn’t have the divorce paper,”

He also stated “As per law, Ayesha will be the first wife and Sania will be second. I want divorce for my daughter. I will seek legal recourse. I will sue Shoiab because he has wronged us.”

Through a confidential source, it has been known that Shoaib met Ayesha in a Dubai restaurant in 2001 together with her friend Maha. Then Ayesha was quite fleshy, but Maha was nice-looking and Shoaib fell in love with Maha.

It seemed that Ayesha fell in love with the cricketer and managed her parents to talk with Shoiab’s parents and assembled for a telephonic nikah.

In 2005, while the Pakistan cricket team was in Hyderabad, the Siddiquis arranged a magnificent reception for them. These are all known from the secret links.

However, Shoiab doesn’t agree with all these, may be for his well known popularity as well or to make Sania cool as she didn’t know anything about this affair.

Overall, we will wait for your comment on whatever Shoiab thinks. And how will this issue affect on Sania?

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