“No harm in sex before marriage” – Amrita Rao

Bollywood Actress Amrita Rao is on the cover of The Man’s November 2009 issue, which is the wedding special topic. Notwithstanding her shy image, she has shocked everyone in her interview with her extraordinary modern view on relationships and marriage which has been completely broken her shy image for ever.

Amrita Said “I don’t see any harm in people getting physical in a relationship before marriage. If there is romance, there is bound to be some level of physical intimacy between partners. As long as both partners are comfortable and they take precautions it should be their decision to take the relationship to that level before marriage or not,”

When you live in Country like India, you shouldn’t comment such things because our Nation doesn’t permit it. However, what you are doing in your personal life, it doesn’t matter but don’t ever publish it openly.

Post your view – Is Amrita’s view right?

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