Raj Chakarbarty direct the movie of “DUI PRITHBI” is the best ranking in Kolkata

Movie Review: one time again Raj Chakarbarty proved his intelligence. Today he has taken his creation a number of notches higher. To the coverage of proving that his organizational “Prithibi”(world) is talented not only of marketable churn outs but also of goods that’s can these those non-mainstream minds. In verity, “Dui Prithibi” in a path, is a different test. An assessment to determine whether the name of moviegoers is ready for objects that go ahead of the run-of-mill.
in truly declared in the beginning of the film, “Dui Prithibi” is made on Radhakrishana Jagarlamudi’s”Gamyam”, it’s a mature execution by Raj. The director has adhere to the marketable flavour and at the same time, not let go of part that run off behind a memorable feel long after one has gone the theatre. What now wants to be seen is whether the Bengali viewers is geared up for such road motion picture.

“Dui Prithibi” is a trip. Leaving ample room for interpretation then it is a journey undertaken by loaded little horror, Rahul (Jeet) in chase lost love, Nandini(Koel). It is trip of Shibu ‘chor’(thief)in chase of the Japanese bike ridden by Rahul. And at the same time as on the road, the worlds of all these completely opposite spirit collide and new worlds are born, where the inequality dispels as a result making way for familiarity and a more pleasant world.

And for these who have held in reserve a strip on Dev’s world since his “I LOVE YOU” days, will move up and down in support and pleasure that the youngster has progressed by leaps by and bounds. With a marked evolution in his dialogue delivery and way of emoting, Dev blows one absent with his Shibu act.
What does one pronounce as regards Jeet? He is back in full “Josh”. Rahul’s initials superciliousness that steadily gives way to one of self-realization and makes him more modest and down-to-earth could not have been portrayed any improved. Shibu’s blunt and unsophisticated nature as opposed to Rahul’s in-tandem-with-etiquette ways are brought to the through Jeet’s self-possessed terminology.
“Dui Prithibi” reveals a new Koel. Outlying from the giggly and vivacious typescript that one has seen her in so far, Koel stuns and wows as Nandini. Restrained yet attractive, grave yet sweet, nandini is all
these and more.
Barkha is constrained to a came but her two song and dialogue are enough to steal awareness.

Another presentation which, if not mentioned, would be criminal, is that of Kharaj Mukhaerjee’s. The actor appeared for a view and yet left a attendance that was continuing. It’s a shame that Tollywood still
shies away from making full use of such talent and limits.

Music always been a best part in Raj’s films .And “Dui Prithibi” is no different. But with magic maker Jeet Gannguli on the scores, one expects the songs to be chartbusters way in front of release. In this film, however, one feels that Jeet could have done improved. The praise for music, this time around, also wants to be shared with Samidh-Rishi, who have done a creditable job.

They pronounce too many cooks ruin the soup. But when one has two able cinematographers like Shirsha Roy and Somak Mukherjee working on the same project, the effect is bound to be doubly efficient.
Having believed that it would only makes sense to grip the film asap. Who knows “Dui Prithibi” could well rock your ‘Prithibi’ too

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