Prices of Mobile Handsets in India

Prices of Mobile Handsets in India

Form a long way in India the mobile hand sets are using. Mobile handsets are at the top of the Indian markets. While retailing mobile handsets the retailers plays tricky games. In our India the costs of the mobile handsets are very different at different dealers; its cost in brick and wall shops & online shops varies up to thousands of Indian rupees.

The mobile handsets costs gets varies due to rates and taxes of mobile handsets are different from one state to another. The retailers of India are not responses when the costs of mobile handsets are increases or decreases, due to this we can see the difference of the cost a lot at different dealers.

Due to this customers are facing a very serious problem. The customers losing a good amount of money by purchasing tens of thousands of mobile phones in each day, noticed in a survey.

For example one of the popular handsets “Nokia N97” cost we can understand it clearly. Its cost varies as on 29th July 2010 Rs22403 to Rs28300, and another example of Black berry 9700 Bold varies its cost at different dealers from Rs24990 to Rs29621.

Many other handsets are also at same case.

This problem can be overcome by getting the full details &correct information of the product which you have to purchase; you should compare the mobile price at sites where you got the product very best price at the dealer. To find correct price of the handsets you have check the official website of the manufacturer is an advice to the customer.

In India the best site to know the best price of the mobile handsets is: Price of To find the best deal of mobiles & to compare the prices of the mobiles this site is very helpful to you.

Daily the mobile handsets prices are daily updated.

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