Ma Mati Manush drama is over! Whats Now?

West Bengal people have voted TMC + Cong. All drama for vote is over. People have given 5 years time to TMC + Cong. Now the real action begins! How much can you do for the people. Can you go up to the expectation of people?

Channel and news paper supporting TMC + Cong now need to find content as this celebration mode would be over in next few months. People may not accept all dramas.

Change has happened. Now how do you measure the change against time? What’s you plan for next 5 years? What do you want to in first 1 year? All details are required. This is the time to judge the governance capability of the new govt.

People, what’s your expectation from this govt?

FYI, petrol price has gone to approx Rs.70/- per ltr. Can TMC + Cong can keep the fuel price in control?

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