Mamata di can dance -ala

Mamata di is so happy that she can’t even sit on her chair for 2 minutes. So you can’t say that Mamata di can’t dance -ala. She is enjoying the success. She say Amra – Amra Ma, Amra Mati, Amra Manus. Sab i Amra. I was reading this article on Mamata di’s AMRA(means only we TMC people).

I hope people with brain know that this lady is waiting for 2011 when she will start development of west Bengal and before that nobody has right to think about Bengal. It’s her personal property. Few of her latest activities…

  1. She hosted TMC flat on independence day instead of India’s flag.
  2. She published ads using Govt money to promote her party (They used TMC Symbol in Govt ad)
  3. She named Metro station the way she wants. Instead of place they used some freedom fighters name and later she told Amra. Amra Uttam, Amra Freedom fighter, Amra Rabindranath. Amra everything.
  4. She doesn’t want CPM to protest as they are doing development.

In India and word there are few ladies who was successful in there political career. It’s very obvious that Mamata can’t move forward because of her political will. She is power hungry. She doesn’t allow her party men to talk. All TMC people has to consult Ms Mamata before they speak out. How can a party survive in this way? What happens after Ms Mamata?

We have seen CPM people for last 30 years. We have seen the violence but now the pattern is different. If you use your brain then you can find out who is causing the violence. TMC was working with Maosist in Nandigram. Now Nandigram and the whole East Midnapur is captured by TMC and Suvendy Adhikari (He doesn’t want to see any red flag in East Midnapur). You can find TMC and our Governor doesn’t speak when CPM peoplke dies in Lalgarh.

Her work and new trains. In 2011 if lalu comes then all train will move to Bihar. There are so many people looking for jobs and instead of offering new job they are extending the retirement age to 62 to avoid new recruitment. They are offering Pujo Bonus to rail employee but no food for farmers in many states.

Read the article on Aajkaal to know more AMRA

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