Who is promoting TMC and Mamata

Who is promoting TMC and Mamata? It would be big list. In this world every body is aligned to some political party. We can find the color based on activities.

  1. Congress is the main sponsor. Without this party Mamata can spend Rs.10,000/- per booth in Election. Huge money is spend in this election. Even CPM people didn’t see that much money before. Many CPM people helped TMC to win the election due to money.
  2. Media. The main media is Star Anada and Anandabazar patrika. Huge money is spent on them. You can find Mamata speak and Star anada hear that first. Mr. Suman Dey is the sensor that detect Mamata di’s movement. Ask him. He know all the deatils. Money can buy anything even a popular Media.
  3. People who look for more. In India there are 70% people who can’t even earn Rs. 20/- per day. So if you spend money you can buy them. Such people in west bengal supported left for 30 years as they got safety, land etc. But people wants more and Mamata say she can offer that. But how? No State Govt has money to give them more. Even central govt can’t help. In AP they waived loans of many farmers but still they are commiting suicide.
  4. Mr Gopal Krishna Gandhi. He looks like God of bengal.

Many more people are helping Ms Mamata. It’s a big danger. They way she is achieving the power is wrong. Also she and her party men don’t have the capability to run a Govt. Think about her ministers. This is a interactive platform so you can post your thoughts.

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  1. I found few channels were publishing the difference of Rajib and Rahul. It looks like we are servant of Gandhi family. This is all due to money. Cong has looted public money in last 50 years. So they have enough money to do this. But people are waking up. The day will come soon when they will through these people out of India. Wait for the day.

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