Gurudas dasgupta on babri masjid debate (via postie)

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Today TOI was showing this on their channel. Many politicians have expresses their views on this but Gurudas Dasgupta’s speech was something deferment and based on information.

He was telling against fundamentalism and explained how BJP masterminded this. He also showed ways how common people can talk against this fundamentalism.

Politicians should be like him but not like our Mamata Banerjee who looks like Bastir Meye Radha while she peak on Star Anada TV channel. This is my view and you can be a fan of Mamata di.

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  1. Communists like Gurudas Dasgupta perform their yearly rituals over the Babari Masjid demolition. The vociferous Das Gupta has not abstained this year also from his duty of pseudo-secularism mumbo-jumbo. But what surprises me is that he goes overboard in his anger no end even after 17 years of the demolition but he never spares a thought over the suppression of facts by the Govt of India concerning the mysterious disappearance of Subhas Bose allegedly in the former Soviet Union. Obviously the Indian Communists are nervous over any exposure of betrayal of Bose by a communist country.

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