Locals grasp the solution of Green Hunt triumph

News from Bengal-Jharkhand border: Local villagers grasp the solution of the triumph of Green Hunt triumph. The forces of that area can get through in the cruel land of Jangalmahal only if locals provide them with vital contributions about the movement of the Red rebels as well; Maoists will comeback in no time.
When the forests along the Bengal-Jharkhand Red Corridor are blowinh-dry, forces have encountered 20 Maoist hideouts and camps that the Red rebels deserted during changing to other places.
Security forces from the foothills of the Gotshila hills in East Singhbhum are trying to push the Maoists to the isolated parts of the Dalma range,and stop their supply line with the villages. The Maoists are deceitful low for the last some days, and waiting for the suitable moment to hit back.
Now the forces are changing their plans. They are distributing their forces to collect information before making a move in small groups from the Jharkhand-end as well from Bengal. All these groups are in close contact with each other and swap information from the deep forests like Sushnijoba, Singadaka, Birmadal and Chiragora forests
One more subject is movement from Bengal during the CRPF camping But the move became useless as the Maoists left the hideout some days ago as said by the local villagers. The villagers who came in finger with Maoists, fear that squad leaders.
The local villagers have to play the vital role tan the forces, because they grasp the solution of     the green hunt triumph. So, the local villagers are to be brave for removing these Maoists from these forests.

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