The particulars and the legends of Women’s proviso bill

The women’s reservation or the particulars of the proviso bill reserve 1/3 of total seats for women in Parliament and the state government has to consume the Rajya Sabha but with much polarized politics and communal civilization.
The government has assured to grasp the all party meeting sooner than it takes the legislation to the Lok Sabha. It was taken aback by the extraordinary confusion in excess of the bill in the Rajya Sabha.
The most important political antagonists of the bill are, Lalu Prasad, Mulayam Singh Yadav  and The Rashtriya Janata Dal person in command Lalu Prasad mentioned that the bill is an onion that will “bring tears to MPs once they peel it off.”  Sharad Yadav – the Janata Dal (United) leader said that the bill would surely facilitate the wealthy and advantaged people,but not the poor fellows.
But the followers of the bill said that the bill properly called the 108th Constitution Amendment Bill, where it is require to raising the representation of women in Parliament, which plunks at just 10 per cent even after 15 elections.
So, let see in the future who is right, is the bill or the opponents.

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