Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is a popular travel destination. Every year, a large number of tourists from all over the world come to Singapore for holidays. So what is there exactly that makes Singapore so popular? There are many tourist attractions and activities in Singapore.  Let’s discuss about some of the attractions in Singapore:

1. Visiting the Zoo: Moreover: you can see the nocturnal animals, as there is also Night Safari.  If you are animal lovers then Singapore is the best place to visit for you. Here bigger animals are kept safely in the zoo.

2. Local mouthwatering dishes: Local sumptuous dishes such as Chicken Rice, Laksa, and Chili Crabs compel every tourist to drool. In Singapore, you can get restaurants, food courts, and street stalls that sell palatable food to give you all dinner enjoyment with your friends and family. You can get a range of Asian cuisines from Thailand Tom Yam soup to traditional Chinese delicacies.

3. Safe city: The tight security system in Singapore is awesome. For which you can feel safe every time even at the time of walking on the street at midnight. Actually in Singapore you can see many police patrol cars around.

4. Clean city:Heavy fines are enforced to anyone who litter in Singapore. This makes the country a very clean city that makes tourists feel comfortable.  In Singapore as per strict rules heavy fines are imposed to those people who strew in Singapore. In this way it looks clean city all the time
Shopping paradise: Singapore is a paradise of shopping. There are many shopping centers in Singapore. In Singapore some popular shopping destinations are Suntec City, Orchard Road, Vivo City, Marina Square, Chinatown, Arab Quarter and more.  You can get upto 75% discounts for goods in major shopping centers.  So if you are fond of shopping, then Singapore is the best place for you.

5. Visiting Sentosa: If you are fond of sea beach, then Sentosa is a place to visit and if you want to get a tan from the sun then just walk along the beach. You can also enjoy seeing beach volleyball games.  Another beautiful visiting place is underwater world where you must pass through a tunnel to see a species of sea animals and sharks swimming around.

6. Taking a cruise on the Singapore River: The city is well decorated with famous buildings and landmarks. So you can think of getting a ride of relaxation along Singapore River to see all those mansions and snapping some memorable photographs.

7. Clark Quay: If you are really fond of night scenes then don’t forget to visit Clark Quay. There are many pubs, restaurants, and clubs for you to have a lot of fun throughout the night.

These are some of the other tourist attractive places and activities that you can have when you visit Singapore. So hope to get you around in this fine city. Happy journey!

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