IPL – Kolkata v Punjab

After some hours, Kolkata Knight Riders will face Kings XI Punjab. It will surely be a tight match. Both the teams have a good list of players but it is also a fact that none of the both performed well. So, this match is very much important for the both teams.

The captain of KKR Saurav Ganguly is vastly experienced captain as well as a great batsman but recently in this IPL he is not in proper form. It seems that he is completely out of touch from cricket. In the last match, he scored 31 runs in 34 balls but he could score much more than that easily. He also took a marvelous catch which is really unbelievable. It may be sign of his good come back.

In today’s match David Hussy will also play. So it is may be a great turning point for Kolkata. But Bret Lee also comes back in today’s match for Punjab. So, it will be a quite tight fight between Kolkata and Punjab.

We should not forget that Yuvraj Singh, the captain of Punjab is not an ordinary player. He has the capability to change the appearance of any match and they also have Sangakara, Jawaverdene. Cris Gail of Kolkata is in great form. Last match he scored 75 runs and also did bowl very well.

Let see what will happen after some time. Both will fight for their ultimate position in this IPL.

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