Kolkata roadway kids facing Sex cruelty

Kolkata, March 28: The National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases (NICED) has indicated that AIDS possibly will affect lots of roadway kids in Kolkata.

Kolkata has approximately 12,000 roadway kids. NICED has established that maximum roadway kids of Kolkata have HIV positive because of sexually transmitted diseases.

As said by Kamalesh Sarkar, Deputy Director, Division of Epidemiology, (NICED) that through test of accidental blood samples, they realized that these roadway kids are affected by HIV.

These days, sexual cruelty has been recognized as the central source of these sexually transmitted disease affected children. But the children are unconscious that they are already infected. This is a great shameful matter for all the humanity.

Maximum of these children are beggars, rag pickers, vendors, shoe-shiners, cleaners or porters and near about 85 per cent sleep in public places like pavements, railway stations, under flyovers etc.

The girls, more than 15 years, when they get out of their homes to find work, then they face the cruelty of sex as said by Research Assistant Baishali Bal.

The NICED has planned to set up night shelters and support centers for these roadway kids at public places where they can reside.

If it happens, then sexual cruelty will be reduced as well as the street kids will save from this dangerous disease.

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