“This is my daughter. Have you seen her?”

Kolkata, March 25:

Himadri Roychowdhury reliably asked every person about her missing daughter with her photograph, hoping if any one gave him any information about his daughter.

She is 23 years old and is one of the 10 people missing in the Stephen Court fire.

She is Joyotri, worked with a private company and her office in the Stephen Court building. She is undetectable from Tuesday afternoon fire.

On Thursday, the old father sat under a tree. After that, he went to S.S.K.M hospital, holding up the photo. “Have you seen my daughter? She was wearing a cream salwar-kameez dress that day,” he asked every person, looking very innocent eye and exhausted.

“Since Tuesday, I have been running from the police station to the hospital and to Stephen Court to find her. So far, there is no news of her. Around 1.30 p.m. that day she called me and that was the last day and last time I spoke to her. Since then, I have called her mobile so many times. But it is always unavailable.”

Said the father and again asked, “This is my daughter. Have you seen her?”

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