Various IT sector famous in Kolkata

Various IT sector famous in Kolkata

IT sector of Kolkata is approaching out as the most glorious industry in West Bengal. The Kolkata IT part is the new-fangled IT purpose of India. The West Bengal Government is hopeful the leading IT companies to provide in West Bengal.

Potentiality of the Kolkata IT Sector

The IT (Information Technology) sector has a marvelous potentiality in Kolkata. This metropolis bears a enormous figure of brilliant and thinker citizens, who are extremely well-matched with the IT industry. The administration of West Bengal is sincerely annoying to endorse this industry. Most important worldwide software companies are also responding in a optimistic way. Kolkata bears a well-built infrastructure and provides superiority authority essential for IT operations. Kolkata also has the lowest abrasion charge.

Importance of the Kolkata IT Sector on Today Indian Economy

The Chairman of Wipro, Azim Premzi tell that IT sector of Bengal has a lot of more to give to the overall financial system of the country. It is predictable that in the near prospect, this industry will give a substantial piece to the in general enlargement of the nation.

Most important Companies in IT Sector of Kolkata

  • Approximately all chief IT giants have stepped to
  • Kolkata for organization their businesses. Famous international companies like Pricewaterhouse Coopers, IBM, TCS, Cognizant, Skytech, Lexmark, AIG and HSBC have, by now in progress their ready actions in Kolkata. The most important companies like ITC Reliance and Satyam are in the procedure to create their operations in Kolkata.
  • · A substantial figure of IT communications projects are also approaching up in Kolkata. One of such development is a 1.31-million-square-ft IT Park, which is below structure in Rajarhat, Kolkata. And other extra-large projects on IT communications are in the progression to start their operations in Kolkata. Two of such projects comprise Infinity Benchmark and Infinity Waterside. Technopolis is another IT-infrastructure scheme that was constructed by following the stipulation of the U.S. Green Building Council. Techno polis is regarded as the first Green Building for IT in India.
  • ·  Some other IT companies in Kolkata comprise Acumen Soft Technologies, Ambujex Technologies (P) Ltd, Alliant Technologies Private Limited, Apt Software Avenues Pvt Ltd, Bright Soft Solutions, Calinnovations, ChaiONE, Digital care pvt. Ltd, Kris Systems Pvt Ltd, MaxMobility PVT LTD, Ontrack Systems Limited, Re-Life Digital Solution Pvt Ltd and Webel Technology Limited.

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