Kolkata Airport now is new look

Kolkata Airport now is new look

Airport structure

The airport has three terminals: (1) Domestic terminal (opened in 1990), an International terminal (the oldest terminal) and a cargo terminal. It was given a chief face raise in the new past the present domestic terminal has been comprehensive in 2009 to provide to the growing insist of passengers. New ticketing counters, check-in kiosks and cafes have been additional. Traffic lanes have been made to provide to the inbound and outbound transfer out of the airport. The airport at present has four aerobridges (three in the domestic terminal and one in the international terminal).This will be greater than before twenty once the new terminals are finished. It has two similar runways 01/19 L/R, of which the longer one, 01R/19L is second-hand for takeoffs and landings, as the other one is used mostly as a taxiway and for aircraft landing throughout daytime. The development of this runway is in a weak position by a 119-year old mosque that lies 100 feet north of the runway, within the airport belongings


The airport is linked to the Kolkata Suburban Railway arrangement, and is also easy to get by taxi and bus. Near to the ground floor Volvo buses habitually run flanked by the airport and the city. In recent times air trained Volvo bus services to the city have been introduced. Metered yellow cabs, Kolkata cabs, Radio cabs and Mega cabs can be availed through pre-paid process. The under-construction Kolkata East-West metro will be comprehensive up to the airport. Also, a jump over is under structure to prevent traffic overcrowding near the airport.


The airport is now being provided with a face-lift by the Airports Authority of India (AAI), which is at present building a fourth terminal for the airport, Owing to enormous augment in traveler quantity throughout the past three to four years. The transformation plan also includes the expansion of the runways. The airport is also connected by the S.R.S. It handles about 362flights a day.

The enlarge in air traffic has essential the government to plan a second airport for the city. The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Buddhadev Bhattacharya, is bearing in mind using the services of particular private firms to take out the task. Thai-based association along with Kolkata-based Sikka connections has been hired to take out the modernization of the airport.

The obtainable domestic terminal building will carry on to be used with suitable modifications and frontage action.

The previous airport hotel ‘Ashok’ has been demolished to give method to two new five-star comfort hotels and a shopping mall in its location. This will make available to the passengers and general public similar. There has been a huge jump in the number of international passenger’s following revival from depression; it is unsurprising that the airport will hold extra 4 million passengers every year from 2012, up from 1.012 million now it handles.

AAI has freshly added cargo-handling ability to the airport, which is enough to cater to the demand up to 2015-16. In 2006-07 there were 65,655 aircraft activities of which 9,414 were international and 56,212 domestic. There has been a 26 per cent enlargement in international cargo movement to and from Kolkata airport and a 16 per cent increase in external transportation. Automobile parts accounted for the bulk of the enlargement in the pressure group of cargo from the metropolis to other countries. International cargo association to and from Kolkata airport has greater than before by around 26 per cent in the past year, prompting overseas airlines to add more freighters on convinced routes. In Nov. 2008 the first Centre for Perishable Cargo (CPC) in West Bengal was opened at the airport. The CPC has an area of 742.5 m2 and an annual storage space capability of 12,000 million tones. The CPC had been undergoing trials that in progress in June 2008 and was built with a Rs.67.510 million grant-in-aid from the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) part of the Commerce Ministry. The quantity of export was 21,648 ton in 2008-09, during the present economic more than 23,040 ton of cargo was handled by the NSCBI authorities. Likewise the volume of bring in cargo was greater than before from 16,854 ton to 18,740 ton recording more than ten per cent jump throughout the same period. However, in 2008-09 the total volume of cargo handled by the airport declined by 4.8 per cent from the previous year

Work on a less important runway extra room, quick exit taxiways and parking ways are in development. The secondary runway has already been comprehensive by 401m on the northern side. On the south side about 1000 ft additional room work is going on the length of with fast way out taxi way. The secondary runway is being built-in with CAT-I facilities for night use. The primary runway is being upgraded from CAT-I to CAT-II ILS ability to help aircraft landing beneath deprived visibility.

New Terminal

The work on the new included terminal in progress in Nov.2008.The new included terminal will be an L-shaped organization with two-tiers for arrivals and departures. The 40,000 m2 of the first stage of modernization is intended to accommodate a climax flow of 1,810 passengers per hour. Once concluded, the total ability of the airport will be greater than before to 20 million passengers per annum. The new terminal structure will have 104 check-in counters, 44 colonization counters, 25 security gates, five conveyor belts and 15 aerobridges post development. It will also get an in order luggage system which will make it needless for the passenger to go for pre-check through x-ray machines. The fortifications will have writings by the Bengali poet and Nobel laureate Rbindranath Thakur. Natural day illumination is maximized while care cooling systems to a smallest quantity. The form of the top is also devised to crop rainwater for landscape irrigation. An underground parking for cars is under construction. The labor that was by now completed included support of cement in the cellar area of the future terminal building, structure of columns at the passenger influx area and parts of the upper influx area, development of the downward and climbing path for a proposed flyover from VIP road, construction of taxiways and aprons and a large piece of the secondary runway addition. Of 1.8 lakh square meter space probable to come up at the passenger fatal, construction of about 50,000 sq meters has been finished till date. Of the 400-metre proposed addition of the secondary runway, work on 73 meter is motionless left. The runway extension has been delayed due to trouble of infringement.

Kolkata Airport Terminals:

Together the domestic and international terminals are situated in the same structure.

Kolkata Airport Facilities:

Kolkata airport has an imperfect range of shops and eateries. There is no business or meeting facilities at the airport, though there is a wireless internet facility. It’s not gratis though. Money changing and ATM services are provided. Wheelchairs are also obtainable for the physically challenged, although other services for the disabled are necessary. The airport provides shy rooms and dormitories, at a cost, for those who need to rest stuck between flights.

Kolkata Airport Transport:

The best way to get to the city center is to take a prepaid taxi from the Bengal Taxi Association counter. It operates 24 hours, and is situated on the left as you head towards the way out of the international arrivals part. A charge to Sudder Street is approximately 250Rs.

Kolkata Airport Travel Tips:

Dense mist hangs over Kolkata airport from late December to early January, between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. This causes normal flight delays throughout this period. Travelers should take this keen on thought when creation tactics.

Kolkata Airport Hotels:

Choices are limited, but there are a few hotels in the surrounding area of Kolkata airport. These are:

  • Hotel Airways Lodge — is situated close to the airport. Non Air Conditioned doubles are 450Rs. per night, and Air Conditioned doubles 900Rs.
  • North Star Hotel — is located around 3.56 kilometers (2 miles) from the airport and offers cost for money. An Air Conditioned double is around 1000 rupees per night. Ph: 033 2551-4171.

In adding, the Radisson hotel chain will be aperture an airport hotel in 2011.

Alternatively, Kolkata Airport has reserved rooms. Both private rooms and dormitories are available. Ph: 033 2552-9547.

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