Kolkata Nightlife in Nightclub

Kolkata Nightlife in Nightclub

Kolkata is no longer the sluggish, drowsy and customary metropolis it used is in days of yore. Today, the metropolis has woken out of bed, and with a hit! In a tremendously little distance of time, Kolkata has emerged out of its case and has distorted into one of the hotspots of modern India. And, this revolutionize is obvious in the citizens of this metropolis, their way of life, and their ways of entertainment and free time activities. Today, the young Kolkatan does not go home after a hard day’s labor, but chooses in its place to spend some time at the Nightclubs in Kolkata.

The Nightclubs in Kolkata have sprung up in a very tiny span of time, with the bulk of discs springing up at a lot of the 5-Star Kolkata hotels. These Nightclubs in Kolkata make available the people with a place to unwind and relax, and waste some time with friends and colleagues.

Most of the Nightclubs in Kolkata play a combine of Western music and Hindi pop, with variations of reggae, blues, trance and of course ‘bhangra’, and remixes of the whole thing else. Many of these Nightclubs in Kolkata have local DJs and sometimes bring in visitor DJs from other parts of India, as fine as global DJs. The Dress code for these Nightclubs in Kolkata is smart and informal, and as the Kolkata crowds are fashion aware people, well, one can get a feel of the latest trends in the Nightclubs in Kolkata.

A popular associate with young college-goers and the working youth of the metropolis, the Nightclubs in Kolkata have also of late been frequented by Bollywood and Tollywood stars, and worldwide tourists who are visiting the metropolis. An untamed metropolis that begins to get more vivacious, and lives more passionately after twilight, Kolkata lives in its nightlife, and the Nightclubs in Kolkata


In spite of its thinker overtones, Kolkata has an astonishingly active nightlife. But it comes luxurious, as most discs and pubs are in star hotels. Tantra at The Park (on Park Street) has enormous music and a large dance floor, but at times gets a little too loud and crowded. Someplace Else for big live music – rock, blues, jazz, also at The Park, is more tranquil, has a dance floor and an interesting menu. Pub Dublin (at ITC Hotel Sonar Bangla Sheraton & Towers, opposite Science City) is not energetic like the other pubs but has an old-world sense to it. The Big Ben is another position with some great food and melody. Big Ben has some of the most overwhelming cocktails, check your favorite mix out; it’s all made with plenty amounts of style

Best IT jobs –Now in Kolkata

Best IT jobs –Now in Kolkata

Kolkata is drenched in joy of boom in the job bazaar. The city is known for its countless aid in the history and at the present it is at the bottom of the country’s rising economy by as long as it with brilliant Lake of Human Resource.

Job opportunities in Kolkata are approaching in by dozens in diverse job sectors. There are many top score companies hiring at the moment to consider a small number, measure up to InfoBase Limited . It is a front sprinter in e-commerce business solutions and technologies in India and across Asia soothing. The strong point of the company dishonesty in website development and is at present hiring Content/Editors/Journalists. Call-Center jobs in Kolkata are being in use up by part-time job seekers along with those who desire to make their career in CRM/Call Centers/BPO/ITES.

Safe Meters Limited believes in contribution a occupation and not just another work. It is a position for those looking for IT Jobs in Kolkata. Alongside is IBM, recognized as one of the leaders in the Indian Information Technology Industry. Other most important company’s improvement their manpower are Intrasoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Raffles Software Pvt Ltd. For those paying attention in IT Hardware/ Networking can look ahead to Sprint Search and Selection Pvt. Ltd.

Personnel Search Services Pvt. Ltd. is India’s Premier Full Service Human Resource Solutions Providers portion a variety of supplies of organizations through individual Group Companies specializing in exacting segments. The HR experts say, today the Indian job market is facing with increasing abrasion and recurrent job hoppers.

The companies are exploring ways to keep their staff enthusiastic and busy while delaying their departures. From ground-breaking insurance schemes, subsidized degrees and diplomas from topnotch colleges to delayed bonuses and in-house mutual funds, recompense experts and companies are liability all they can to retain their employees. Therefore, making salaries & recompense good-looking!

Kolkata is a talented purpose for head hunters. As Predicted by experts, “In coming time Kolkata will be a volatile purpose for job-hunter!”

Real Estate in – North or South Kolkata

Real estate in North Kolkata is flattering expensive owing to shortage of land here. The majority of the North Kolkata populace who have been staying there for generations do not desire to go away this position, says an agent. A lot of the North Kolkata’s’ family have migrated and are established abroad but relax want to continue at this point. Owing to fewer ease of use of high-quality land and the information that inhabitants still want to stay at this point, North Kolkata’s goods values have registered a trek. According to the Magic Bricks Value table, the residence assets value at an archetypal North Kolkata region of Baghbazar has witnessed approx 6 per cent increase in values in the last three months from Rs 2,550 – Rs 3,500 per sq. ft in feb. 2008 to Rs 2,750- Rs 3,150 per sq ft in april, 2008. North Kolkata is overpopulated and so the prices have moved out up. One can’t even broaden the roads here as there is no range for widening it. The place abounds in small builders having up to 3.5-4.5 kathas of land and they have been erecting structures of G+3/4 (Ground floor plus three/ four) storey buildings. There are no recognized or big real assets developers here different south Kolkata and the market is first and foremost forbidden by little local builders. Some of the possessions builders in Kolkata, anticipating insist in the near future have compound developed land at the close by Jessore road, in expect that it will be rehabilitated from housing to industrial in the future and then they will be able to harvest returns. South Kolkata areas such as Park Street, Ballygunj Street etc, on the other hand, is well planned, have better open places and it has better communications as fine. South Kolkata is also a prime commercial core and is residence to many offices. The outline of people staying in North and South Kolkata is also dissimilar. While most of the North Kolkatans are business class and some of the service group such as IT professionals due to nearness to Sector 5 which is the IT core, the South Kolkata is home to both middle class and higher middle class who are higher-ranking executives in MNC.

Sourav Ganguly-Captain of IPL

Sourav Ganguly-Captain of IPL

‘Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo!’

Like most mythology, Knight Riders has embarked upon a trip that is fairly easy, insubstantial and surreal. Shaped in 2008 and envisioned by two daring Knights and a lady; Shahrukh Khan, Jay Mehta and Juhi Chawla we in progress out as a “people’s team” in the IPL 2008 and exceeded the prospect of competitors and compatriots.

The name Knight Riders was selected to mirror the standards and culture we support. We are emotional by bravery, infancy, aptitude, aim, focus & dedication and armed with the credit that with enormous honor comes better liability. Responsibility of wisdom, insistence, ethics, morality and professionalism which, we uphold as a standard for our variety and in everything we do.

Our protective covering is a loyalty to the fineness and the achievement we struggle to bring. We fight as a team, using our collective strengths as individuals to always win. Self-assurance and strength of mind are what we stand by. The golden helmet is a sign of our focus and pledge to always achieve the highest accolades in all fields. It depicts the plunder reaped by those selected to play for our team!

SRK says

It is time once another time to set our date with fate! Friends, fans, group, alliances and all cricket enthusiasts; we greeting you to observer and be a part of the mounting bravery, power and will power to fight for and assert what is ours.

We have returned stronger, tougher and even more strong-minded to take the IPL by tempest. We have taken it in our pace to not only be the inexorable champions of tomorrow but also go on to honor the title of the “people’s team” bestowed ahead us. This year too, we will aim to mirror your prospect and win over every heart and mind in the county. We, the Kolkata Knight Riders vow to overcome the heart of every cricket loving Indian – man, woman or child; and carry on to remain the pillars of self-respect, self-assurance and stimulation for all others. Like a true Knight Rider, we will carry on to do, to fight and to win! ‘Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo!’

The Kolkata Knight Riders is the Kolkata permit of the Indian Premier League. The logo of the franchise is a burning helmet-a hybrid of a knight’s helmet and a batsman’s helmet. The Prince of Kolkata, Sourav Ganguly, leads the Knights into fight for the 2010 season. With the going away of John Buchanan as coach, KKR hopes that the Ganguly/Whitmore mixture brings accomplishment to the Kolkata franchise.

KKR’s motto is “We will do it, Fight for it, Win it,” but they have done more hostility than doing or charming in the first two IPL seasons. It is a shock that Kolkata leftovers a well-liked make in the IPL despite its lack of achievement. However, Shah Rukh Khan, the living Bollywood Legend, is the co-owner of the franchise. The combination of Khan and Ganguly, rumored to be unstable, certainly helps to make the Kolkata franchise marketable-given the icon rank of both men. The famous 90,000-seater Eden Gardens is the home of the Knight Riders, ensuring that the franchise’s coffers are filled by turnout alone.

== Brief IPL history ==

Established in 2008, as one of eight original IPL teams, the Kolkata Knight Riders had a deprived on-field presentation in the first appearance IPL. argument and tabloid-like conjecture distinct their period, in its place of astral cricket on field. Although KKR built-in Brendon McCullum, Ganguly and Shoaib Ahktar in 2008, they failed to arrive at the semi-finals. 2009 was even not as good as for Kolkata, as they over at the bottom of the heap-winning a worthless three games out of 14.

== Star attractions of the KKR for 2010 ==

Sourav Ganguly (captain), Chris Gayle (WI), Ishant Sharma, Brad Hodge (AUS), Ajit Agarkar, Charl Langeveldt (AUS), Brendon McCullum (NZ), Angelo Matthews (SL), Ajantha Mendis (SL) and Murali Kartik

To know about Kolkata

To know about Kolkata

Kolkata metropolis, under the authority of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation is not very big and has a region of 185 km². The Kolkata urban agglomeration, however, has incessantly long-drawn-out and as of 2006, the urban agglomeration (Kolkata Metropolitan Area) is increase over 1750 km² and comprises of 157 postal areas. The urban agglomeration is officially administered by more than a few local governments as well as 38 local municipalities. The urban agglomeration comprises of 72 cities and 527 towns and villages. The housing areas of Kolkata city district slot in parts of the districts North 24 Parganas, South 24 Parganas, Howrah, Hooghly and Nadia.

The east-to-west measurement of the appropriate metropolis is fine, stretching from the Hooghly River in the west to approximately the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass in the east, a distance of approximately 5­6 km. The north-south development is approximately alienated into North, Central and South Kolkata. North Kolkata area is the oldest part of the metropolis, with 19th century structural design and fine alleyways. The ambience in this area is evocative of the aged Kolkata. South Kolkata grew more often than not after self-government and consists of best localities. The Salt Lake City (Bidhan Nagar) region to the northeast of the metropolis is a intended part of Kolkata. Rajarhat, also called New Town, is the latest rural community being urbanized on the north-eastern outer edge of Kolkata metropolis.

Central Kolkata houses the innermost business district around the B. B. D. Bagh area. The government secretariat, General Post Office, High Court, Lalbazar Police HQs and several other government and private offices are situated here. The Maidan is a big open meadow in the spirit of the metropolis where several sporting proceedings and public meetings are held. Several companies have set up their offices approximately the region south of Park Street which has become a minor Central Business District.


Kolkata is the main business, commercial and financial core of eastern India and the northeastern states. It is home to the Calcutta Stock Exchange ­ India’s large size bourse. It is also a chief commercial and military port, and the merely city in the area to have an international airport. Once India’s most important city and Capital, Kolkata knowledgeable a fixed economic decline in the years subsequent India’s independence due to the common unsteabilized political situation and rise in trade-unionism supported by left-wing parties. Between the 1960s to the mid 1990s, flight of assets was huge as many large factories were closed or downsized and businesses relocated. The lack of capital and capital joined with a universal glut in insist in the city’s customary industries added to the miserable state of the city’s financial system. The liberalization of the Indian financial system in the 1990s along with the vote of a new reformist Chief Minister, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya has resulted in the development of the city’s fortunes.

Until recently, supple creation had always been the standard in Kolkata, and the relaxed sector has comprised more than 40% of the labor strength. State and central government workers make up a big proportion of the city’s labor force. The city has big inexpert and semi-skilled labor inhabitants, along with other manual and knowledge staff. Kolkata’s financial revitalization was led mainly by IT services, with the IT sector rising at 70% yearly ­ two times that of the national average. In fresh years there has been a rush of investments in the housing communications sector with more than a few new projects coming up in the metropolis. Kolkata is home to many manufacturing units operated by big Indian corporations with product ranging from electronics to jute. Some distinguished companies headquartered in Kolkata include ITC Limited, Bata India, Birla Corporation, Coal India Limited, Damodar Valley Corporation, United Bank of India, UCO Bank and Allahabad Bank Vijaya Bank. Recently, various events like adoption of “Look East” policy by the government of India, Gap of the Nathu La Pass in Sikkim as a edge trade-route with China and huge interest in the South East Asian countries to enter the Indian market and invest have put Kolkata in an beneficial site.


It is provided by the Kolkata accommodation railway and the Kolkata Metro as healthy as by trams and buses. The cover network is widespread and extends into the distant outer edge. The Kolkata Metro, run by the Indian Railways, is the oldest subversive scheme in India. It runs similar to the Hooghly and spans the north-south distance end to end of the metropolis covering a coldness of 16.45 km. Buses are the favored mode of transport and are run by both government agencies and private operators. Kolkata is India’s only residual city to have a tram network, operated by Calcutta Tramways Company. The slack tram services are controlled to certain areas of the metropolis. In recent times introduced lavishness air-conditioned buses also attach parts of the metropolis to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport for on daily basis travelers.

Hired forms of mechanized transport comprise the all-yellow metered taxis, while auto rickshaws ply in exact routes. Almost all the taxis in Kolkata are Ambassadors. This is different most other cities where Tata Indica or Fiats are more ordinary. In some areas of the metropolis, cycle rickshaws and hand-pulled rickshaws are also patronized by the civic for short distances. Personal owned vehicles are less in figure and usage compared to other chief cities. On the other hand, the city witnessed a stable boost in the number of registered vehicles; 2002 data showed in the direction of 44% over a phase of seven years. The road gap in the metropolis is only 6%, compared to 23% in Delhi and 17% in Mumbai, creating main traffic troubles. Kolkata Metro Railway and a numeral of new roads and flyovers have decongested the traffic to some level.

Kolkata has two main long distance railway stations at Howrah Station and Sealdah. A third station named Kolkata has been launched in early 2006. The metropolis is the headquarters of two divisions of the Indian Railways ­ Eastern Railway and South Eastern Railway.

The city’s only airport, the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport at Dum Dum to the north of the metropolis operates both domestic and international flights. Kolkata is also a major river port in eastern India. The Kolkata Port Trust manages both the Kolkata docks and the Haldia docks. There are passenger services to Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and cargo ship service to a variety of ports in India and abroad, operated by the Shipping Corporation of India. Also there are ship services linking Kolkata with its lookalike metropolis of Howrah.


Inhabitants of Kolkata are called Calcutta’s. Since of 2001, Kolkata metropolis had an inhabitant of 4,580,545, At the same time as the urban agglomeration had a residents of 13,216,545. The sex ratio is 825 females per 1000 male’s ­ which is subordinate than the nationwide average, because many functioning males come from rural areas, where they go away at the back their families. Kolkata’s literacy rate of 80.82% exceeds the all-India standard of 64.81%. Kolkata Municipal Corporation part has registered an enlargement rate of 4.12%, which is the lowest surrounded by the million-plus cities in India.

Bengalis encompass the preponderance of Kolkata’s inhabitants, with Marwaris and Bihari communities forming a large piece of the minorities. Some of Kolkata’s notable communities include Chinese, Tamils, Marwaris, Anglo-Indians, Armenians, Tibetans, Maharashtrians and Parsis. Main languages spoken in Kolkata are Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, English, Maithili, and Bhojpuri. According to the 2001 census, 77.67% of the population in Kolkata is Hindu, 20.17% Muslim and 0.89% Christian. Other minorities such as Sikhs, Buddhist, Jews and Zoroastrian comprise the rest of the city’s inhabitants. 1.51 million people, who constitute about a third of the city’s population, be alive in 2,011 registered and 3,500 unregistered slums.

Kolkata reported 67.16% of total particular and Local Laws (SLL) crimes registered in 35 Indian jumbo cities. Kolkata police district registered 10,753 IPC cases in 2004, which was 10th highest in the nation. The crime rate in the city was 81.45 per 100,000 against the national rate of 168.89 in 2004. Kolkata’s Sonagachi area, with more than 10,500 sex workers, is one of India’s largest red-light districts.


Kolkata has extended been recognized for its literary, artistic and revolutionary inheritance. As the previous capital of India, Kolkata was the origin of modern Indian literary and artistic thought. Kolkata’s be inclined to have a special approval for art and literature; its institution of welcoming new talent has completed it a “city of furious artistic energy“.

A trait feature of Kolkata is the Para or neighborhoods’ having a strong sense of community. Typically, every para has its own community club with a clubroom and frequently, a playing field. People here usually spoil in adda or unhurried chat, and these adda sessions are often a form of freestyle thinker chat. The city has a ritual of political graffiti depicting everything from outrageous insult to amusing banter and limericks, comic strips to propaganda.

Key elements of Kolkata’s cuisine include rice and macher jhool (fish curry), with rasogulla, and misti dooi (sweet yoghurt) as dessert. Bengal’s vast range of fish-based dishes includes a variety of hiilsa arrangements. Street foods such as begunii , kati roll, phuchka (deep fried crêpe with tamarind and lentil sauce) and Chinese food from China Town in the eastern parts of the metropolis are quite popular. Men usually prefer Western-style clothing and also customary dhotis and kurtass, although women tend to prefer wearing usual saris.

Kolkata has many buildings adorned with Gothic, Baroque, Roman, Oriental and Indo-Islamic (including Mughal) motifs. The “City of Palaces“, as Kolkata is often called, is scattered with regal buildings. Some of the major buildings of this period are well maintained and several buildings have been affirmed “heritage structures“, while others are in a variety of stages of decompose. Recognized in 1814, the Indian Museum is the oldest museum in Asia and houses huge compilation of Indian natural history and Indian art. The Victoria Memorial, one of the major tourist attractions in Kolkata, has a museum documenting the city’s history. The National Library of India is India’s most important public library. Academy of Fine Arts and other art galleries hold usual art exhibitions.

Durga Puja is the majority distinguished of the religious and social festival in Kolkata. Durga Puja occurs over a era of five days in October. Other prominent festivals include Diwali, Eid, Holi, Christmas, poila boishak (new year), Saraswati puja and Poush parbon (harvest festival). Some of the cultural festivals are Kolkata Book Fair, Dover Lane music festival, Kolkata Film Festival and National Theatre Festival. Kolkata is sister city to Long Beach, California in the United States.

Prices of Mobile Handsets in India

Prices of Mobile Handsets in India

Form a long way in India the mobile hand sets are using. Mobile handsets are at the top of the Indian markets. While retailing mobile handsets the retailers plays tricky games. In our India the costs of the mobile handsets are very different at different dealers; its cost in brick and wall shops & online shops varies up to thousands of Indian rupees.

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For example one of the popular handsets “Nokia N97” cost we can understand it clearly. Its cost varies as on 29th July 2010 Rs22403 to Rs28300, and another example of Black berry 9700 Bold varies its cost at different dealers from Rs24990 to Rs29621.

Many other handsets are also at same case.

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Daily the mobile handsets prices are daily updated.

Kolkata-A big History

Kolkata-A big History

It would take you days now to surf the lot of layers that create this wonderful metropolis. Kolkata, a place to wait for the majority eccentric and the majority amazing, is a labyrinth of Victorian buildings, Indian bazaars, Bengali cuisines and a wealthy civilization that characteristically defines the position. A metropolis that is identified approximately the earth for personalities like Mother Teresa and Rabindranath Tagore it has a great deal more to present to its guests, than one can believe of. A core for art, literature, theater and science, Kolkata has always been a fortune house for talents and gems.

In 1690, Job Charnok, a representative of the East India Company chose this position for a British trade settlement. The site was cautiously chosen, being secluded by the Hooghly River on the west, a stream to the north, and by salt lakes about two and a half miles to the east. There were three big villages the length of the east bank of the river Ganges, named, Sutanuti, Gobindapur and Kalikata. These three villages were bought by the British from the local land lords. The Mughal ruler granted East India Company liberty of deal in return for a yearly payment of 3,000 rupees.

Another laurel to the city is the Howrah Bridge, the busiest bridge in the earth. linking Howrah to Kolkata it is named as Rabindra Setu. A master in engineering, it was built lacking by any nuts and bolts. Engineered to regulate altitude, the bridge was made to move up to allow big steamers to go by. Now the put into practice has been congested although. Kolkata is home to the oldest and the premium cricket ground in the nation too. A must prior arrangement for all cricket lovers; this is one position where much in history of cricket has taken position.

A land of fairs and festivals, Kolkata gets an all dissimilar and charming look throughout one of the many fairs and festivals it observes. The major of these is the Durga Puja, a celebration that celebrates the conquest of Durga over malevolence. The whole air is infused with a celebratory strength and complicated rituals are experiential with much religiosity. The best time to meet people and take pleasure in upon great food.

The spiritual environment of Kolkata is improved by the many temples, and churches that are in attendance in the metropolis. The leading Bengali inhabitants make the Kalighat Kali temple one of the most respected spiritual spots. It is hypothetical to be one of the places where the pieces of body of Kali fell when Shiva danced the dance of obliteration with her deceased body. Another evenly vital temple in Kolkata is the Dakshineshwar Temple. It is the main temple in the city built by Rani Rasmani. It is thought that Mother Goddess herself came to the Rani in her feelings and asked her to upright a temple for her on the bank of the Ganges. Kolkata is also home to the first Episcopal Church in the Eastern part of the world. The art and architectural mastermind that the arrangement presents is just a luxury to the eyes. The premium synagogue in the metropolis is the Magen David Synagogue, is one of the oldest spiritual sites in the state too.

Entertainment never ends in Kolkata. It is one put where you will locate a lot of amusement opportunities all through. Really artistic, the people of Kolkata have a style for theater, music, dance and poetry. Attractive extra happening with time, Kolkata has seen the coming up of many ritzy bars and discotheques also. A shopper’s heaven the streets of Kolkata offer you a world to good deal for. Be prepared to get the cheapest of deals for the most strange and occurrence substance. But make sure you have mastered the art of bargaining fine. Central cottage industries emporium at Chowringee is a high-quality place to shop for beautiful handicrafts. Shreeram arcade, shops on the mall near Oberoi Grand, metropolis Centre and Treasure Island are other good places in the city where one would love to shop. If you have an obsession for shopping in Malls and swanky shopping arenas, Kolkata has some of those for you too. Try visiting New Market, AC Market, College Street or Dakshinapan Shopping Complex here.

Get out good time to trip this city with endless marvels and mysteries.

A big guide for Kolkata Travellers

A big guide for Kolkata Travellers

Oldest history of Kolkata

Kolkata’s the past is closely connected to the British East India Company, which first indoors in 1690, and to British India, of which Calcutta became the assets in 1772. Job Charnock was extensively identified as the founder of Calcutta (Sutanuti, Govindapur & Calcutta) but in fresh years a numeral of Indian historians have doubtful this assert, in conflict that Calcutta occupies the site of a big Indian city, centered approximately the very old Kali temple at Kalighat. This assert  has been conventional by the Kolkata High Court. The Court has dismissed the name of Job Charnock as the creator of the metropolis and 24 th August as its date of birth. The historic ruling was based winning high level Expert Committee findings. It has been proved that Kolkata had a highly cultured civilization for centuries before the Europeans first came here.

Whatever its genesis, Calcutta flowered as the assets of British India throughout the 1900th century, the prime of the Raj. Calcutta University, the first up to date Indian university was founded here in 1857. Calcutta became the center of Indian arts and writing, and the national movement for self-government got it’s create here. However, with the move of the capital to Delhi in 1911, the caution of the divider of Bengal in 1947, and a aggressive and gory Maoist movement in the 1970s, Calcutta has become identical with urban decompose and scarcity.

Now ‘The Kolkata’

Kolkata is the main trade, profitable and economic hub of eastern India. Kolkata witnessed an economic refuse from the late sixties till the late nineties. The city’s economic fortunes twisted the tide as the economic liberalization in India throughout the early nineties reached Kolkata throughout late nineties. Kolkata is a multicultural, multi-ethnic city. Separately from the diversity of India, the cultures represented are that of the Europeans, and other Asian.

Since 1977, a “Left Front” alliance of collective and Marxist parties has incessantly lined the circumstances. This is reflected in street names and memorials in the metropolis. For case in point there are streets like Lenin Sarani, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, etc. The Left Front regained organize of the Municipal Corporation of Kolkata from the TMC in the 2005 public elections.


  • Southern fringes — the rapidly growing localities to the south of the metropolis. Includes Behala, Jadavpur, Garia and Narendrapur. There are a number of learning institutes and liberal shopping malls in this region. This is a comparatively newer element of the metropolis where a group of growth is going on.
  • South Kolkata — the posher part of the metropolis. Covers Ballygunge, Bhawanipur, Alipore, New Alipore, Rash Behari,and Tollygunge.
  • Esplanade — the regal district is still the middle business spot and is measured the heart of Kolkata. Made up of Park Street, Mirza Ghalib Street, Dalhousie Square, Chandni Chowk, Barra Bazaar and Sudder Street.
  • Maidan — the area consisting of the vast park and its nearby neighborhoods. Includes Fort William, Strand Road, Khidirpur, Dufferin Road, Hooghly Bank and Chowringhee.
  • North Kolkata — the older region of the metropolis, a charming district subjugated by narrows little lanes and hundreds of century-old buildings. Includes Chitpur, Bagbazar, Belgachhia, Shyam Bazaar, Shobha Bazaar, Maniktala, Jora Sanko and the well-known College Street area. Also positioned here are the Sealdah station, one of the biggest train hubs in India, and the recently built Kolkata station. Dum Dum being the major communiqué hub of Kolkata having International Airport, Metro Rail, Circular Rail, Ground Rail.
  • Northern fringes — the large modern area to the north of the city. Includes Kashipur, Dumdum, Belghoria, Khardah, Panihati, Titagarh etc. where there are a figure of factories, including jute, paper, cotton, ordnance and chemicals.
  • East Kolkata — quickly rising, specially IT sector and home to India‘s prime mall. Encompasses Salt Lake City, Rajar Hat, Lake Town and the E.M. Bypass. a lot of five star hotels, theme parks, posh housing estates and techno parks are life form built in this region.
  • Howrah as technically its own metropolis, Howrah is very much a element of the Kolkata metro area, and Howrah train station is where you’ll arrive/depart from if linking with everyplace north or west of Kolkata.

The famous places of kolkata

  • Kalighat : According to the fable, when Lord Shiva’s wife Parvati’s body was slash up, one of her fingers fell here. Rebuilt in 1809, this is an major place of pilgrimage of Hindu Shakti worship. The temple is in the southern element of the metropolis.
  • Dakshineswar Kali Temple and Belur Math : Built in 1847, on the banks of the Hooghly, north of Calcutta, the holy position is linked with Shri Ramakrishna , the assorted 19th century saint who invigorated Hinduism during the British Raj. Across the river stands Belur Math, head office of Ramakrishna Mission. The monastery is a safe place of peace and spiritual agreement.
  • Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture : Commemorates the birth centenary of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa. spiritual discourses and educational connections are held here among global scholars. The organization is situated at Golpark.
  • Nakhoda Mosque : Modeled on Akbar’s crypt in Sikandra, the red stonework mosque has two minarets 46 mts far above the ground, a brilliantly tinted onion shaped dome and can accommodate 10,000 people. Built in 1926 and positioned on Chitpur Road.
  • St John’s Church : Built in 1787 with Grecian columns. The interment ground has the crypt of Job Charnock, creator of Calcutta. On the north-west side of Raj Bhavan.
  • St Paul’s Cathedral : Constructed between 1839 and 1847 in Gothic method with discolored glass windows and two Florentine frescoes, the church is the chief in the city and next to the Birla Planetarium. St Paul’s was holy in 1874.
  • Armenian Church : The oldest position of Christian worship in Calcutta. The church of Holy Nazareth was built in 1764.In the middle of the additional churches to visit are St Andrew’s Church. The Old Mission Church and the Greek Orthodox Church.
  • Jewish Synagogues : The Maghen David Synagogue on Jewish Synagogue road and the BETHEL on Pollock road are very old adoration houses and a prompt to the multi-ethnic nature of the metropolis.
  • Parsi Fire Temples : They cater to the spiritual wants of the famous Parsi group of people of Calcutta. Positioned on Metcalf Street and Beliaghata.
  • Japanese Buddhist Temple : Located on the banks of Rabindra Sarovar.
  • Pareshnath Jain Temple : The temple is an elaborate accumulation of mirrors, tinted stones and glass mosaic, and overlooks a good-looking garden. It is in Shyambazar.
  • Fort William: This well-known structure was erected throughout British rule in 1696. It was named after King William III of England. This fort was attacked by Siraj Ud Daulah, the Nawab of Bengal for the period of the war of Plassey in 1757 and British army was beaten. Then Robert Clive constructed a new fort in 1780. Fort William was built to put off attacks from Muslim invaders. The base of the old fort is motionless whole. At near it is a military area with arsenal. It can be visited with previous permission from establishment. It is be obliged to appointment tourist magnetism of Kolkata.
  • Victoria Memorial: Victoria memorial is an outstanding museum that was reputable in 1921. Sir William Emerson, President of the British Institute of Architects, intended and designed this tombstone. It is a 184 ft high structure constructed on 64 acres of land. In this museum you can see photos and effigies of famous personalities. Victoria memorial is one of the finest art museums of Kolkata.
  • Eden Gardens: Eden garden is a chronological cricket stadium of India. It is one of the significant traveler attractions of the metropolis. It is the oldest and premium cricket playing field of India. It was constructed in 1864. The first test match was played in 1934 and first ODI match was played in 1987. At near it has a capability of around 120,000 people
  • Birla Planetarium: It is one of the major museums in Asia. Birla Education Trust founded this middle of science, communication & environment in 1962. It is located at the Eastern metropolitan bypass of Kolkata. It provides useful in sequence about our solar scheme, galaxies, life span of stars, space, planets and other wonderful bodies in the nearly everybody interactive way via audio video aids. Birla planetarium is a single storied round building of Indian style. The astronomy gallery has a great compilation of paintings and celestial models of famous astronomers.
  • Howrah Bridge: Howrah Bridge that stands on two 270 feet high pillars is situated across Hooghly River in Kolkata. It was constructed in 1874. It is the busiest bridge of the world. This bridge connects the metropolis of Howrah to Kolkata. It is known as ‘Rabindra Setu’ as well. It serves as a Road Bridge at there. It has 2 sister bridges named as Vidyasagar Setu and Vivekananda Setu, located over the Hooghly River at poles apart points. This bridge is a icon of Kolkata.
  • Marble Palace: The Marble Palace was constructed in 1835. It is an beautiful art gallery that houses the fine pieces of art, sculptures, pictures & oil paintings. The highlight of this fortress is the Reuben’s masterpieces. You can too discover the unique paintings famous painters such as Rembrandt, Reynolds and Van Goyen etc. It has a zoo too where you can find uncommon birds.
  • Writers Building: This Gothic arrangement was built beneath the auspices of Lt. Governor Ashley Eden in 1877. The Kolkata writers’ Building is positioned close to Dalhousie Square. At present it serves as the secretariat of government of west Bengal. It is also known as ‘Mahakaran’. It is named due to the detail that the junior writers of the East India Company utilize it. The new building is more important and dissimilar from the unique writers building. Both of these are erected on the same site.
  • Nicco Park: This is an laughter park located at salt lake. It can be termed as the Disneyland of India. It is a roomy park top about 40-acre land. It is one of the major laughter parks in India inaugurated in 1991. Nicco Park is commonly called Jheel Meel. It is the amusing and activity destination for children and adults. It is packed on weekends. It has gorgeous rose garden and Food Park. Nicco Park has obtained ISO 9002 and it has documentation from a famous European certifying authority.
  • Saheed Minar: This superb tombstone was recognized in 1848 to mark the Sir David Ochterlony’s conquest in the Nepal war in 1816. It is identified as Octerloney Monument at first after the name of its creator. Its support is based on the Egyptian style and its arena follows Syrian and Turkish designs. The Octerloney tombstone renamed ‘Sahid Minar’ in 1969 in the respect of freedom fighters of the state. At here it is the site of political meetings and convocations initiated by Rabindranath Tagore in 1931. You may observe the stunning view of Kolkata City from the apex of the Shaheed Minar.
  • National Library: National Library in Kolkata is the major records of India supported by the Dept of Culture, Ministry of Tourism & Culture, and Government of India. It is constructed on 30 acres of land. National library has a enormous compilation of books and periodicals conventional from dissimilar parts of the nation. It was on the whole set up to collect, deal out and preserves native resources. You can find books in approximately all Indian languages. There is a separate partition for children in this library.
  • Belur Math: It is on the western bank of the Hooghly, extend over 48 acres of land and situated in Howrah district, an hour’s drive from Kolkata. It is a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the globe. Swami Vivekananda founded Belur Math in 1898 in loving reminiscence of his adviser Ramakrishna Paramhansa who preached union of all religions. The Belur Math is well identified for its architecture stylishness, clean vicinity, sacred associations and holy atmosphere besides being the headquarters of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission. It is a asylum of peace draws scores of people every day from all over the civilization. It is the worldwide head quarters of Ramakrishna Mission.
  • Botanical Garden: It is located 8 Kms from the metropolis, at Shibpur vicinity of Howrah district on the west bank of the Ganga, covering an area of about 273 acres. Colonel Kyd founded it in 1786, containing about 12,000 living plants and over two and half million dehydrated plant specimens in the herbarium collect from all over the globe. It is one of the oldest and biggest botanical gardens of India. There are uncommon plants and trees composed from Nepal, Brazil, Java and Sumatra. It leftovers open from sunrise to sunset. There is a lake where boating can be enjoyed. The major magnetism of this garden is the 200 years old Banyan Tree.

Kolkata hotels -A big experience

Hotels in Kolkata

Contribution a wide diversity of lodging in the Indian City of Joy is the hotels in Kolkata. The hotels in Kolkata cater to the wants of the vacationer and business travelers comparable. For the backpackers and financial system vacationers in Kolkata there are a figure of good deal hotels, divan and mealtime hotels, financial plan hotels, contemptible hotels and reduction hotels.

Contribution a reprieve from the jostle and activity of the metropolis life of Kolkata are its a lot of weekend go away hotels. A variety of Five Star luxurious and Five Star hotels of Kolkata offer soothe with class to their visitors. The four star hotels of Kolkata offer first class accommodation to the vacationers. The budget holidaymakers may choose from the three star and two star hotels in Kolkata. Many Kolkata hotels are a element of leading hotels manacles like the Taj group Hotels and Hotels, Oberoi group of hotels, Welcomgroup group of hotels, Park group of hotels etc.

Kolkata – the metropolis of delight and metropolis of palaces is not only recognized for the diversity of sweet but also for the marathon edifices and amazing pageantries. The Kolkata hotels are standing with modern facilities and facilities to make easy the stay of tourists. The 300 yrs aged city of Kolkata is a highly frequented reason by holidaymakers from distant and broad. Until 1911, Kolkata was beneath the British rule and a vital profitable centre. After the Indo Pak divider, it became the assets and spirit of West Bengal. A tour to eastern India is unfinished if you do not visit to Kolkata. The amazing river of Hooghly in Kolkata adds up to the attraction of the metropolis, bringing a enormous arrival of tourists here.

The city of Kolkata is scattered with more than a few well selected hotels. The Kolkata hotels have flourished more and more in the last few years. The busy city of Kolkata is the spirit of the state of West Bengal. The brio of Kolkata hotels never lighten away as the communications and facilities keep on ameliorating time to time. The marvelous increase and growth has been recorded in the last couple of years in Kolkata. The proportion of tourism has seen a important trek, creation the city an final lieu for having a rollicking good instance.

The Kolkata hotels uphold global standards to make the tourists sense similar to a king when staying in Kolkata. The hotels in Kolkata suit the budget and needs of travelers from all the sections of civilization. Lavishness hotels of Kolkata charm the rich gentry for a plentiful halt. The inspiring warmth obtainable in the hotels of Kolkata delights the heart of each guest. Choose a hotel in Kolkata which is located in the close nearness of airport and railway station. Look up for the most excellent options for hotels situated nearby the places of attention in Kolkata. For a business explorer, after the meeting or meeting get over, the first thought which strikes the mind is to relax in a laid back way in your presidential suite. One more way is to doze on a poolside, fascinating abundance of sunrays.

How about execution movable with an ayurvedic message and feeling the irenic affect on your soul? The Kolkata hotels propose you this ability as healthy. The dull life gets spiced up; all you have to do is continue in the hotels of Kolkata. The choicest of plan and colours are used in the interiors of the hotel which hypnotize all visitor. Every turn is spick and distance and shines luminously which indicates the hygiene maintained cautiously. If we talk about the food served in the Kolkata hotels, only one sound comes to mind- delectably appetizing. The ability of hot tub and sauna is found in almost every hotel of Kolkata. For those with shoestring finances, the budget hotels of Kolkata can be booked for a appropriate halt. If you need a somewhere to live with armed forces like 5 stars but the rate like 3 star, then Kolkata has many options for you.

So go on board on a tour of Kolkata and clutch a strange knowledge.

List of Hotels in Kolkata

Hotel Name Address Star Rating
Astoria Hotel Kolkata 6/2 & 6/3 Sudder Street, Kolkata, 700 016 None
Beeu Hotels Kolkata 267, B.B. Ganguly Street, Kolkata 700 012 None
Best Western The Kennilworth Hotel Kolkata 182, Little Russel Street, Kolkata 700071 4 Star
Capital Guest House Kolkata 11-B, Chowringhee Lane, Kolkata, 700 016 None
Executive Point Hotel Kolkata 8B, Lake Terrace, Kolkata, 700 029 1 Star
Fairlawn Hotel Kolkata 13/A, Sudder Street, Kolkata, 700 016 2 Star
Hotel Airlines Kolkata 2 Kapalitola Lane, Kolkata, 700 012 Budget Hotel
Hotel Akash Deep Kolkata 48, Circus Avenue,( Near Park Circus), Kolkata, 700017 2 Star
Hotel Akash Ganga Kolkata 1, Orient Row, Near Park Circus Maidan, Kolkata, 700017 2 Star
Hotel Golden Park Kolkata 13 ho Chi Minh, Sarani, Kolkata, Kolkata, 700071 4 Star
Hotel Heera Holiday Inn Kolkata 51 Elliot Road, Kolkata, Kolkata, 700016 2 Star
Hotel Manish Kolkata P-1, Dobson Lane, Howrah, Kolkata, 711101 2 Star
Hotel Sandy Bay Kolkata 317, J.B.B. Chatterjee Rd, Ballygunge, Kolkata, 700042 2 Star
Hotel Victerrace Kolkata 1B, Victoria Terrace, Gorkey Terrace, Kolkata, 700017 2 Star
Lytton Hotel Kolkata 14/1, Sudder Street, Kolkata, 700016 3 Star
Peerless Inn Kolkata 12, J. L. Nehru Road,Kolkata, Kolkata, 700 013 3 Star
Royal Garden Hotel Kolkata 163A, Park Street, Kolkata, 700017 3 Star
Taj Bengal Hotel Calcutta 4-B Belvedere Road, Kolkata, 700027 5 Star
The Oberoi Grand Hotel Kolkata 15, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kolkata, 700013 5 Star
The Samilton Hotel Kolkata 37, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata, 700013 3 Star
Show all hotels in Kolkata

Kolkata trams in new look

Kolkata trams in new look

Kolkata’s trams, which have been live in the city for over 130 yrs and are an exclusive representation of the city, are set to get an alteration.

Calcutta Tramways Co. (CTC), the century-old company that operates the general man’s transport vehicle in this crowded mega polis of 16 million public, said tactics have been haggard up to introduce at least 20 modern tramcars almost immediately.

A suggestion to bring in 10 customized electric trams now awaits a green indicator from the West Bengal government.

“We are setting up to run altogether 20 made to order trams in Kolkata inside the next two years, if the whole object goes as per diagram. We’ve already located a suggestion with the state finance department for sanctioning the necessary investment for 10 new-look trams Kolkata Tramways Co. (CTC) chief accountant officer-cum-secretary Ramendra Nath Ghosh told it.

Two trams – with polycarbonate transparent body, roomy interior and huge open windows – are by now undergoing up progression.

“We’ve introduced two new-look trams in Kolkata on an investigational foundation and the two under up gradation will hit the city’s streets in the next couple of months,” Ghosh said.

At the same time as the exteriors of the new trams stands completely distorted, the innards have also been distorted by the CTC engineers.

Ever since the first horse-drawn tram of the city rolled out on metro gauge tracks on Feb 24, 1873, the ‘heritage wheels’ have practically turn out to be a logo of Kolkata – a city of in excess of 15 million citizens.

CTC was formed in 1880 and registered in London on Dec 22 that year. The company was in use over by the West Bengal government in the 1970s.

“Kolkata’s tram has not been modernized for ages. Even if we planned, we couldn’t do up keeping in mind the separate heritage trait of this slow-paced transport,” CTC Managing director P.K. Chattopadhyay said.

Previous the company had welcomed proposals from a variety of companies to modernize the “heritage transport”.

“Bharat Earth Movers Ltd (BEML) gave us a suggestion proverb it will take Rs.10 million to improve each tram while a Czech firm asked for Rs.240 million, counting the developed expenses and the technology move, to carry out the job,” Chattopadhyay said.

“The amount Rs.240 million was for both technology collaboration flanked by the Czech firm and CTC, as we wanted to imbibe the technological up gradation at our possess ability, And for developed trams,” he said, adding that the obtainable technology of the trams dates back to 1903 and the last tram CTC bought was more than 18 years in the past.

“We’ve indigenously upgraded each new-age tram with only Rs.1.17 million. With this quantity, we have mostly distorted the external of this convey and made some slight methodical changes in it,” he added.

Chattopadhyay said at their over 100 trams roll along out of the depots on a usual basis in spite of several constraints like having only six percent of road liberty, non-viable routes and the continuing building mechanism in and around Kolkata.

Sources said at present CTC has a fleet power of 272. The ability was approximately 319 in the 1930s when this income of transport was very much in mode.

The company is also looking for sponsorships and a Mumbai-based company has evinced interest to make available fund for the building of new-look Kolkata trams. The annual spending of organization trams on Kolkata roads is more than Rs.1.5 billion.