Paid News Star Anada 24 Ghanta ABP Ganashakti

“Paid News” term was publicized much in our last assembly election. Which news channel is paid by which party? I think its very clear to all of you. How can you tell people about these channels in a country like India where > 50 % population is BPL. People are most concerned about their basic needs. How can they analyze the news published by these channels? Though Ganashakti is honest as they say they are not neutral.

People please express your thought on the paid news channels.

Ma Mati Manush drama is over! Whats Now?

West Bengal people have voted TMC + Cong. All drama for vote is over. People have given 5 years time to TMC + Cong. Now the real action begins! How much can you do for the people. Can you go up to the expectation of people?

Channel and news paper supporting TMC + Cong now need to find content as this celebration mode would be over in next few months. People may not accept all dramas.

Change has happened. Now how do you measure the change against time? What’s you plan for next 5 years? What do you want to in first 1 year? All details are required. This is the time to judge the governance capability of the new govt.

People, what’s your expectation from this govt?

FYI, petrol price has gone to approx Rs.70/- per ltr. Can TMC + Cong can keep the fuel price in control?

West Bengal Live Assembly Election 2011 Result

Who is going to win the Assembly Election 2011? Only few hours left. lets track the result here. Result day live

RESULT: 0 / 294 | TMC + Cong – 0 | Left – 0 | Others – 0| BJP – 0

West Bengal (294) Left 63 || TMC+Cong  225 || BJP 0 || Others 6

Counting has been started: What’s the trends?

  • At 9:45 am – 275/294 > TMC + Cong – 185 | Left – 85 | Others – 4 | BJP – 1
  • At 9:38 am – 268/294 > TMC + Cong – 178 | Left – 85 | Others – 3 | BJP – 1
  • At 9:25 am – 257/294 > TMC + Cong – 167 | Left – 85 | Others – 3 | BJP – 1
  • At 9:17 am – 224/294 > TMC + Cong – 149 | Left – 72 | Others – 3 | BJP – 1
  • At 9:07 am – 170/294 > TMC + Cong – 115 | Left – 50 | Others – 4 | BJP – 1
  • At 9:00 am – 150/294 > TMC + Cong – 97 | Left – 49 | Others – 3 | BJP – 1
  • At 8:50 am – 123/294 > TMC + Cong – 73 | Left – 45 | Others – 3 | BJP – 1
  • At 8:45 am – 69/294 > TMC + Cong – 46 | Left – 22 | Others – 1
  • At 8:36 am – 59/294 > TMC + Cong – 36 | Left – 22 | Others – 1

Exit poll survey indicate a clean sweep for the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress in West Bengal.

  1. AITC led allinace is expected to get between 184 to 192 seats in the 294-member
  2. Left is expected to win only in 48 to 56 seats.
  3. Congress is projected to win in 39 to 47 seats.
At 8:36 am – 59/294 > TMC + Cong – 36 | Left – 22 | Others – 1

Bangladeshi girls rescued from Digha

Bangladeshi girls rescued from Digha

Kolkata: The Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on Thursday evening rescued five Bangladeshi girls from East Midnapore district of West Bengal, while they were being trafficked from Kolkata to New Digha for commercial sexual exploitation. Four traffickers have been arrested in the case.

The girls, aged between 16 and 22, were trafficked from Bangladesh by Payal Choudhury (25), who runs a brothel in Sonagachhi, the red-light area of Kolkata. Once in Kolkata, the girls were forcibly engaged in commercial sexual exploitation for some days, before being taken to New Digha for the same purpose. The AHTU, however, received some secret information about the trafficking, and foiled the racket even before the traffickers could reach New Digha with the girls.

Talking to Headlines India today, Special IG, CID, Sanjoy Mukherjee said that the AHTU team, acting on a tip-off, laid siege at Ramnagar Bridge area in East Midnapore district late on Thursday evening, and intercepted a Tata Sumo, in which the girls were being trafficked. Along with the girls were four traffickers, including Payal Choudhury, Pradeep Jha (25), who is presently on bail after having spent eleven months in prison on murder charges, Ajay Singh (24) and Ganesh Dhar (35).

The victims, four of them minors aged between 16 and 17, were rescued and sent for counselling, while the traffickers were arrested by the AHTU. The accused were produced in Contai Court in Kolkata today morning, where they were granted seven days police remand. They will be produced in the court again after seven days. If convicted, the accused can be subjected to a punishment of minimum seven years in prison.

Sanjoy Mukherjee expressed satisfaction over the arrests, and told Headlines India that he hoped that the AHTU would unearth more such rackets in the near future. He said, “We are looking into the angle of organised human trafficking from Bangladesh for commercial sexual exploitation very seriously. We hope to unearth the racket. Incidentally, the South-East Asia head of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Garry Lewis has sent his congratulations to CID regarding this operation.”

IBM’s research centre now open in West Bengal

IBM’s research centre now open in West Bengal

Kolkata: Global software major IBM’s Thomas J Watson Research Centre has evinced interest in opening its research and development unit in West Bengal, state IT Minister Debesh Das said on Sunday.

“They have sent me a mail expressing interest to open research and development activities in West Bengal. During my last visit to the US, the Watson Research Centre authorities invited me to their centre and informed me about their plans. They asked me what kind of facility they can open here,” Das said.

“The US software giant is also interested to go for some collaboration. Primarily, Watson Research Centre is interested to start research works on silicon chip and their super computer models in West Bengal,” he added.

The Watson Research Centre is the headquarters for the IBM research division. It is the world’s largest industrial research organization with eight labs globally. About 1,790 people are employed in the research-oriented activities focusing on IT hardware and software developing services.

“The representatives from the Watson Research Centre are likely to visit West Bengal in next couple of months. Earlier, they also came to West Bengal and talked to me regarding their projects but that time everything was in a fluid stage,” Das said. It would be a milestone for West Bengal if the Watson Research Centre began operations in the state, he added.

He said many other US-based IT companies also are interested to invest in the state. “Silicon photovoltaic modules manufacturing companies like Signet Solar and Uni-solar have already shown interest to invest in West Bengal. They are keen to open a solar fabrication unit here,” Das said. (IANS)

The book house of kolkata

The National Library is the first public library to be set up in the whole of eastern India. This is at present located on the Belvedere Road,Kolkata. Being the capital of the British East India Company, Kolkata was the hub of all intellectual and academic activities. There were scholarly activities, which necessitated the formation of libraries. Though there was the Calcutta Public Library, it was actually run on proprietary basis. The National Library is an integrated form of the libraries that functioned independently in the British era. Today the National Library is the biggest public library which has a collection of 22,70,950books along with a huge collection of manuscripts, newspapers and periodicals. This Library forms the nucleus of Kolkata`s intellectual craving.


Belvedere Road, Alipore, Calcutta 700027. Phone No. 2478-1381 to 2479-1383.

Visiting time

9 am–8 pm on all working days and from 9.30 am–6.00 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Government of India holidays.

Entry Restrictions:Access to National Library main reading room (Bhasha Bhavan) is strictly controlled. You need to have an approved Reader’s pass to reading hall. For that you need to fill in an application form (available on the National Library website)and get it attested by a Government Gazetted officer. This a thoroughly cumbersome process. Moreover, to get your reader’s pass registered you need to be a very lucky person, because the offices of National Library, Kolkata enjoy one of the best official business hours. Reader’s passes are issued only between 11:00-13:00 and 15:00-16:00, Monday to Friday, excluding a string of National and State holidays. A three-hour working schedule something even volunteers will be ashamed of.Often interested readers will wonder why do you need so many restrictions to readers’ entry, since this is meant to be a National Library. Why can’t anyone be allowed an entrance with any of the nationally valid Identity cards, which are accepted in institutions like Indian Rail or voting authorities?


The Calcutta Public Library

The National library was hence opened for the public on 1st February 1953, after an inauguration by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. From then, the National library continues to be the cynosure for all literary pursuit going on in Kolkata and it keeps the tradition alive. Going through the library shelves, one can find that there are exclusive divisions of Indian and Foreign language books and publications. Books, periodicals, journals and manuscripts of all the major Indian languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu etc. constitute the Indian language category. In the Sanskrit language division has rare Pali and Prakrit manuscripts. The Foreign language division has been categorized into sections like German Division, East Asian Division, Roman Division, West Asia, Slavonic Division, and African Division, all of which are replete with collection of books and manuscripts. It is the storehouse of the rare collection of the Indian official documents from the early days of the British Colonial rule till the present day. The National Library has the honor of being a repository library by the United Nations and its agencies. This enables the National Library to receive all United Nations publications free of cost from them. It also receives books and periodicals from the government of the United States of America and all other commonwealth countries. One can also spot major Indian newspapers, and periodicals dated back to even 19th and 20th centuries.

The Imperial Library

The Imperial Library was formed in 1891 by combining a number of Secretariat libraries in Calcutta. Of those, the most important and interesting was the library of the Home Department, which contained many books formerly belonging to the library of East India College, Fort William and the library of the East India Board in London. But the use of the library was restricted to the superior officers of the Government.

Amalgamation of CPL and Imperial Library

The National Library is the first public library to be put up in the complete of eastern India. This is at present located on the Belvedere Road, Kolkata. Being the capital of the British East India Company, Kolkata was the center of all thinker and academic activities. There were scholarly activities, which necessitated the configuration of libraries. Though there was the Calcutta Public Library, it was in fact run on proprietary basis. The National Library is an included form of the libraries that functioned alone in the British era. Today the National Library is the biggest public library which has a collection of 22,70,959 books along with a enormous collection of manuscripts, newspapers and periodicals. This Library forms the nucleus of Kolkata`s intellectual passion.

Declaring the Imperial Library as the National Library

After the independence the Government of India changed the name of the Imperial Library as the National Library, and the collection was shifted from The Esplanade to the present Belvedere Estate. On February 1, 1953 the National Library was opened to the public.

Library statistics

  1. Number of books more than 2,270,000
  2. Number of maps more than 86,000
  3. Shelf space more than 45 kilometer

Display Objects
Rare books, valuable manuscripts of the pre-British and British days, original letters and notes of eminent personalities, Tamil manuscripts on Ashutosh collection: Rare Books from 16th century including limited and paintings on mica plates, etc. manuscripts and original letters of eminent personalities, rare and special bindings. illuminated eidtions, paintings including original water colour paintings, palm-leaves.

Obama’s India visit may be more style

Obama’s India visit may be more style

India says a chair on the council would reproduce the significance of the G20 state as its trillion dollar economy helps spur universal enlargement and its administration exerts more and more authority over issues from Doha deal to climate change talks.

“In the years ahead, I look forward to a rehabilitated United Nations Security Council that includes India as a permanent member,” Obama said in a talking to India’s assembly on his initial official visit to the world’s largest democracy.

“Let me propose that with greater than before power comes increased blame,” he added at the finish of the first leg of a 10-day Asian tour that has also been seen concerning meeting support from countries like India to use force on China on its currency.

Ben Rhodes, White House deputy national security adviser, said ahead of Obama’s speech that “this was a full backing” for India’s permanent membership of a rehabilitated Security Council.

In his three-day trip — the top stay in any foreign country by Obama — the U.S. leader announced $10 billion in business deals, aiming at comforting voters at home that countries similar to India offer benefits for U.S. jobs rather than causing joblessness through outsourcing.

The U.N. move comes as India more and more competes with China for global income, from Africa to Latin America. But its economic boldness has been often accompanied by careful diplomacy on issues like Myanmar and meeting with Iran.

The U.N. seat could be a pipe dream and face resistance from some of the U.N. Security Council’s five stable members — Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States.

But it is Obama’s most headline-grabbing statement in an appointment that has seen the U.S. organizer seek greater deal with India’s massive yet immature and limited markets as well as to help offset the rise of China.

The U.N. Security Council has since the body’s inception had five stable members with the power to veto resolutions. It has been criticized for not sparkly global 21st century power.

Obama’s tour with more than 200 business executives, and his U.N. declaration, underscored the rising significance of India, which by 2020 is predictable to be one of the five biggest economies in the world, The length of with Asian powers China and Japan.

The West is more and needier on India, and China to power their declining economies. It was undecided how much Delhi would give in return by opening its economy more too foreign firms.

“I don’t think India is up-and-coming. It has emerged. India is a key actor on the world stage,” Obama told a shared news conference with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh earlier on Monday.

Obama will also visit Indonesia, South Korea and Japan on the tour that will see Washington shove to put off countries unilaterally devaluing currencies to guard their exports, a top theme at the G20 summit in Seoul this week.

Obama has also announced the United States would relax export controls over sensitive technology, another demand of India’s.

Why to Get Enrolled In A Kolkata B School?

Why to Get Enrolled In A Kolkata B School?

A Masters in Business Administration

from a Kolkata MBA college or a Kolkata MBA, is desirable because this provides unique training in leadership skills and tutors any individual to perform amicably as part of a team. It also makes that individual sufficiently aware of the current topics and modern issues of the world in which he lives. Moreover the degree also enriches him personally as well as professionally and helps him think much ahead of the time and make successful business plans. At the same time, it opens an opportunity in front of an aspirant to come in contact with other qualified as well as interesting individuals within those couple of years of training.

An MBA degree opens a panorama of career opportunities in for us because one of the vital skills it teaches is how to handle complex issues. The degree also presents a cross-functional knowledge base. You will be rushed off your feet with job offers from top-most companies over the world once you have a MBA degree in your bag.

Not only graduates fresh out of college looking to start their careers but also veteran individuals with a dream of being an entrepreneur one day can opt for an MBA degree in order  to be successful in their new accomplishments. MBA is a magic creator that companies all over the world recognize, and this paves the way for international exposure for any individual.

Perhaps one of the most tempting things about this degree is the salary. The salaries of many Kolkata MBAs are worthy taking a chance: It is about 50,000 to 100,000 Euros in European counties and about 80,000 to 100,000 dollars in America. In India it usually starts around Rs 50,000 Rs and can go up to Rs 2-3 lakh per month! Amidst the economic downturn, who will not want to earn an average salary of about Rs 50,000 pm? That off course seems too good to believe. But it is the simple truth!

There are a number of renowned Western schools that offer MBA degrees in Asia. These degrees not only open a wide panorama of corporate offers in front of the incumbents but also give them a degree that is recognized internationally.

The statistical representations of few surveys prove how essential an MBA degree is. Survey results show that MBA degrees are very popular as well as helpful for certain socio-cultural groups like the African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans in their contest in the corporate world.

According to UK’s Association of MBAs’ latest survey on Salary and Career, an MBA degree gives more self esteem, confidence, maturity, and assertiveness. It is an asset that helps you keep connected to the top corporate internationally.

The most important thing that these surveys bring out is that an MBA degree not only helps an individual to progress in his career but also tutors him the right equilibrium between professional and personal life. What more can one fancy from any degree?

Various food & restaurants in Kolkata

Various food & restaurants in Kolkata

Kolkata is known to be the Foodie city. Kolkatans are nothing if not foodies! So it’s no surprise that this city of 14 million has no dearth of restaurants. There are more than 1500 mid-size to big restaurants in Kolkata, and if you take the road side stalls and dhabas then the number goes up even more. While you can find almost anything in Kolkata starting from Spanish paella to Chinese dim sum, Kolkata is famous for a few things that are served only in restaurants in Kolkata.

First and foremost comes the Kolkata biryani. I have travelled all over the world in search of biryani like the one you get in Kolkata and I am sorry to say, no where! just no where! can you find biryani like the ones served in Kolkata restaurants like Shiraz, Arsalan or Royal. For people who have never tasted Kolkata biryani let me describe; the rice is slightly spiced with jafran, saffron and other exotic spices and infused with ghee and the juices from the meat that is cooked with the rice. The meat, be it chicken or mutton, just falls of the bone. Even the half piece of potato that comes with this biryani tastes heavenly. You can have it with chicken or mutton chap another dish that is probably very unique to Kolkata. It’s very rich but very very finger licking good! Or if you are in the mood for something a little lighter go for a rezala another meat dish that’s very Kolkatan.

While Kolkata biryani is great you cannot forget Kolkata street food. While many Kolkata restaurants these days serve street food in my opinion street food is best to be had from the street side stalls. Restaurants can never match the charm of having fuchka or jhalmuri from a street vendor in a shalpata plate. Among Kolkata street foods, fuchka has to be the crown jewel. No where else in the world can you find fuchkas that are this delicious. They are different from the Delhi panipuris, and Mimbai golguppa simply because in Kolkata the spices and the amazingly tangy spiced water is mixed in with the potato that goes inside the fuchkas. For those who do not know fuchkas are these little crispy hollow balls made of atta and suji. that you should not even try to have in a restaurant! They are stuffed with mashed potato and spicy tangy water just before you eat them. They are super tasty, not so fattening and supper wallet friendly, so cannot go wrong!

And when you talk about Kolkata you cannot forget Bengali food. There are many restaurants in Kolkata that serve Bengali food. Of them the notable ones are Kewpies Kitchen, 6 Ballygunge place, Bhojohari Manna to name a few. And if you are not from Kolkata or have never tried bengali food, it becomes my moral duty to ask you to try the following. Go to one of the above mentioned restaurants in Kolkata(or a restaurant of your choice) and try their ilish mach bhaja(fried Hilsa), daab chingri(prawns in Coconut), kasha mangso(a mutton dish) with luchi(fried flour breads) and finish off with some mishti Doi(sweet yogurt) and malpoa(a fried sweet dish). Truly nirvana!

For those of you who do not know a little tip; ilish mach bhaja or fried hilsa is best eaten during the monsoon season. The Hilsa are salt water fishes that come to the sweet water rivers to lay eggs during the monsoon. And that’s the time when they are the tastiest. If you have never tried Hilsa it’s really hard to describe how great this fish tastes!

So if you are new to Kolkata you must find restaurants in Kolkata that serve the above mentioned food and try them all! Yes an absolute must! You can try sites like to find addresses phone numbers, menus and reviews for almost any restaurant in Kolkata.

But even if you are not new to Kolkata. There are plenty of restaurants and cuisines that are served in Kolkata restaurants that I’m sure you are yet to explore. Did you know Kolkata has places that serve amazing cheesecakes that can actually give Philadelphia cheese cakes a run for their money. Kolkata also has awesome paella, Chinese dimsums and authentic Burmese food! If you knew all this then kudos to you, a true Kolkatan foodie. But if you did not know about these little Kolkata secret spots then do check out a site like and see what are the different types of cuisines and restaurants in Kolkata. You will be surprised at what you will find. also has reviews from other foodies just like you, so you will know from before what to try at a particular restaurant!

Kolkata A Big commercial place

Kolkata A Big commercial place

Positioned on the banks of River Hooghly, Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal, is the fourth largest city of India. Famed as the ‘City of Joy’, the city represents the eastern and the north-eastern states of India.

Kolkata is measured as one of the cheapest cities in India, ascribing to the living costs, as well as the rental values in the city. In the recent times, the city has shown considerable improvements in various sectors. Property in Kolkata has undergone a substantial upswing accelerating the real estate trends in the city. With the growing establishments and investments in the city, there has been an increasing demand in both the residential as well as the commercial property segments.

Kolkata is increasingly becoming the hub of several financial and commercial activities, and businesses. The economic power of the city is raised by the second largest Stock Exchange, several famous educational institutes, military port and other reputed institutions. The connectivity of the city is boosted by the presence of an international airport that makes Kolkata better connected relatively.

With the liberalization of the Indian economy, Kolkata’s economic conditions have fairly improved. This has in turn led to an elevation in the real estate graphs of the city. The economic revival has also been initiated by the government’s attempt of active and effective participation with private corporate firms. These projects under Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) have rendered effective economic boost and caters to the needs of the commercial and residential sectors. The developing West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (WBHIDC) is one such instance.

There has also been significant economic advancement with the growing influx of the IT companies. A wave of multinational firms establishing ground in the city has triggered a rapid increase in the count of potential investors and developers in the real estate segment like flats, apartments Kolkata. The growing demand of budding investors and the end-users has led to an upswing in the property trends of the city.

The commercial market in Kolkata is on an upsurge inspite of the exit of Tata Motors Nano Project in 2008. the city is on its way to becoming an upcoming IT destination, thereby accelerating substantial demands from a multitude of multinational companies and international corporate firms.

Also, increasing requirements of restaurants, entertainment areas, shopping arenas and hotels has elevated the retail sector sales, further amplifying the real estate charts of the city.

Recent studies reveal that the rental values in Kolkata remain higher than those of the more fancied states of Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. According to reports by Cushman & Wakefield, Kolkata’s Central Business District (CBD) records Rs.98/sq.ft. as rent, a figure that stands relatively higher than that of Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai.

There has been a progressing interest of buyers and builders in Kolkata real estate market, owing to the recent land demands generated by the growing commercial and residential sectors. Domestic as well as international retail chains also contribute to the ratio of prospective investors which lead to an upturn in the commercial sector.

The residential segment is also gaining ground in accordance with the growing commercial expansion ratio. To spur the momentum of residential development further, West Bengal Housing Board and come more governmental agencies have intiated various projects in alliance with various private investors. The influx of leading investors and builders such as Unitech and DLF are increasingly emerging with upscale residential complexes and high multi-storied constructions in the peripheral areas of the city.

Kolkata is therefore on a rise ascribing to its real estate and property trends. The city owes the recent boom to a number of factors such as establishment of prominent brands such as Coal India Limited, Birla Corporation, ITC Limited etc.; promising policies laid by the sate and the central governments; Nathu La Pass in Sikkim has triggered enormous commercial attention of south East Asian countries, towards the city.