TMC minister Mukul Roy spent 3.4 lakh to hire a car (via postie)

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Mamata di your dream may not come true if your minister doesn’t stop playing with tax payers money. You keep on using slang against left minister but your ministers are more corrupted than left.

IBN 7 published how minister of state tourism, TMC MP Sultan Ahmed spend tax payers money for his 6 months long hotel stay at Delhi’s Asoka hotel. Asoka hotel is ready to waive this bill against some favor from tourism ministry. UPA govt is playing with public money.

Shipping minister Mukul Roy spent 3.4 lakh to hire a car from Pandey Travels. The bill was paid by calcutta port trust. Surprisingly Mukul Babu visited calcutta port trust only 3 times during this period. Mukul babu has good relationship with pandey travelers, he inaugurated MBL institute of management owned by pandey travelers on 28/11/2009. So there is a link. My question is does this HS pass minister has right to play with tax payers money?

Now its Mamata devi the god of Ma Mati Manush. Indian rail is her private property. She has been playing with tax payers money in one after another inauguration of old train in new names and laying afresh foundation of the same old projects without having the sanction of railway ministry / UPA govt.

Star Anada, how long will you spoil your brand with these corrupted people. Instead of showing the price of potato and begun start showing how these big fishes are playing with govt money?

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