TMC MP spent 37 lakh for his hotel stay (via postie)

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TMC MP sultant ahmed spend 37 lakh for his hotel stay. People in uluberia voted for this MP.

Though Mamata di travel in economy class but this babu travel in business class. Most of the people in bengal can’t afford proper daily meals but this TMC babu spent 5 lakh for his food at 5 star hotel.

Mamata di, you may come to the power in 2011 but how do you control these babus who speak for Ma Mati Manush but don’t care the money of matir manush.

People this is the interval of ma mati manush natak. What’s there in the next half?

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  1. Surprisingly Sudip babu didn’t know that his fiend was living in this hotel for last 6 months. Now TMC has asked Mr Sultan Ahmed to pay the bill from pocket. This TMC MP of Ma Mati Manush is so rich that he can pay 37 lakhs from his own pocket.

    Ma Mati Manush, ask for some help from this MP probably he can sponsor some of your food bill from his pocket.

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