To know about Kolkata

To know about Kolkata Kolkata metropolis, under the authority of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation is not very big and has a region of 185 km². The Kolkata urban agglomeration, however, has incessantly long-drawn-out and as of 2006, the urban agglomeration (Kolkata Metropolitan Area) is increase over 1750 km² and comprises of 157 postal areas. The […]

Kolkata-A big History

Kolkata-A big History It would take you days now to surf the lot of layers that create this wonderful metropolis. Kolkata, a place to wait for the majority eccentric and the majority amazing, is a labyrinth of Victorian buildings, Indian bazaars, Bengali cuisines and a wealthy civilization that characteristically defines the position. A metropolis that […]

History of kolkata’s People

History of kolkata’s People The pool of Kolkata’s citizens is very inclusive consisting not just of Bengali citizens, but in addition a figure of other ethnicities. People of Kolkata India can be separated keen on a figure of categories, specifically, Ghootis from West Bengal and Bangals from East Bengal, Biharis, Marwaris, Oriyas, Anglo–Indians, Chinese, Tamils, […]